Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a good platform that integrates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) elements with management for collaboration and artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the most important tool that the business can use to build a customer relationship. This tool helps business to handle and treat all existing and future customers for long-term gain. This uses human interaction and other normal strategies to gain a client’s trust and respect.

Microsoft has been delivering solutions that enable businesses to build winning teams and create a workplace where people can succeed and grow. Starting February 2020, Dynamics 365 will officially be renamed to Dynamics 365 Human resources. This change reflects their assurance to help the HR Professionals improve the employee experience by creating data-driven programs. It can transform employee experiences, improve organizational agility, enable workforce insights and optimize HR programs.

These capabilities enable the companies to build a successful workforce. Let’s learn in detail:

1. Dynamics 365 Human Resources will be transforming all interactions with the staff.

2. This let the managers review the team performance data and assists in optimizing the team impact.

3. Leadership can connect with employees and address any important messages and concerns.

4. Employees can reach out to the co-workers with great career accomplishments, skills, experience and certificates.

5. Training can be completed by the new joiners and the management can easily track their progress.

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