Microsoft Launches AI Powered “Intelligent Search” Features For Bing
In Microsoft’s AI event on 17th December 2017 in San Francisco, the business showcased its own vision for AI-enabled computing, in addition to its own AI differentiation plan. The latter basically boils down to three significant ideas: creating AI-supported software widely accessible to individuals to enhance “everyday” experiences, the smooth mixing of work and private functionality in the same tools and also the intention to become an ethical AI business.

Microsoft disclosed how AI and machine learning are now encouraging its Marquee goods, from Windows to Office 365 and Bing. The most striking demonstration featured AI-guided and automatic layout Hints in PowerPoint.

You Will Find Some Bing-centric AI announcements, all under the heading of “Intelligent search”:

Conversational Search
Intelligent Image Search
Intelligent Answers
Intelligent Answers

Think about this as a Sort of “next-gen Featured Snippets.” But what is different and intriguing is that Bing is frequently Summarizing or comparing numerous sources of information instead of just presenting one response.

If there are competing viewpoints on a problem then Bing will show them. It is going to provide a “carousel of intelligent answers” when there are a number of replies to a query. This is meant to substitute “blue links” and offer fast access to related information.

Below Bing-provided a comparison relating two diverse content sources on the question, “Is kale good for you?”
Bing is basically doing what Pinterest declared in 2016 using “visual search” and item recognition. Bing is trying to create picture “shoppable.” At the moment, that capability is centered on style and home furniture.

Users can click on the magnifying glass icon on the top right of almost any image to search within a picture and locate related pictures or goods.” The illustration below illustrates how it functions.

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