ERP selection created for the big organization is always typical because these organization functions in different counties where the market trends, languages, business culture, customer taste, laws and currency are also different. Briefly said ERP comes with a great adaptability and scalability two features that make it very important for the future problems and requirements.

In order to give a powerful solution to ERP users, Microsoft has worked on “project green” in order to unify the four ERP solutions in a single one. Microsoft reason is that the four ERP have serious overlapping of functions and features and their individual presence on the present market is not justified. As long as Microsoft dynamics SL is implied, it is obviously suitable especially for companies based on projects than for large distribution or manufacturing enterprises. In order to identify which is the most compatible option for every large enterprise from the other three Microsoft ERP solutions it is vital to consider what criteria companies usually follow in order to choose one of the ERP solutions.

When there is an ERP solution available it must be customized so that to meet exactly the user’s requirements. So, Microsoft Axapta, Navision and Great Plains can be easily customized but GP customization is the easiest. Great Plains can be also extremely easy to launch and setup if we compare it with Axapta and Navision. Axapta needs a longer cycle of implementation and Navsion requires a middle size customization. As long as MS SQL server is at the back end, both GP and Navision are able to provide more reporting and integration options with the crystal reports. Being an ERP based on SQL either GP or Navision can be compatible and integrated with Oracle, Unix or Linux.

Creating ERP selection for the large companies there are some important requirements that must be taken into account. One of the main requirements is the ERP ability to in multi-division, multi-company, multi-currency and multi language environment. All these procedures must be added how and when it is required without any restriction. Anyway great Plains, Axapta and Navision are able to offer this kind of working environment. If we consider the three Microsoft ERP solutions from their flexibility point of view we can say that all are equal, but we have also to mention that Great Plains comes with more ad on as options and consequently this features offers it a greater flexibility and it can be easier adjusted according the user’s requirements. Due to this feature it is cost effective.

All ERP solutions launched by Microsoft can be considered user friendly and it can be easily used by a person with minimum IT knowledge and skills.

But from the all three ERP solutions, Great Plains with its flexible characteristics, its cost effectiveness, its quick implementation, with its internet, MS office and many different Microsoft products integration can be consider the perfect ERP solution for the large enterprises. Even if recently Axapta has started to gain popularity we can say that it is a relatively new Microsoft ERP solution if we compare it with Great Plains and Navision.

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