In the past 22 years, we have establish ourselves as eminent manufacturers and suppliers for wide range of scientific equipments, laboratory equipments and scientific lab equipments such as microtome’s, cooling equipments, water testing equipments, water distillation plants, laminar airflow, water bath, centrifuge, autoclave manufacturers, incubators and ovens, microscope and many more.

Efforts have been done to maintain a reputed position in the industry. Customer satisfaction is what we aim for and keeping in mind our aspirations and goals, we manufacture products of world class quality. One of our products is microtome. Microtomes are heavy instruments that allows for the cutting of extremely thin slices of material, known as sections. Microtomes are considered an important device for microscopy preparation.

For cutting or slicing of materials, microtomes use steel, glass or diamond blades depending upon the specimen that has to be sliced and how much thickness is desired. For instance, steel blades are used to prepare sections of animals or plant tissues, whereas glass knives are used for light microscopy. Light microscopy involves passing of visible light. Visible light is that form of light which is visible to the human eye.

There are different types of Microtome Equipments for slicing/cutting different types of materials. For example precision microtome, freezing microtome and freezing microtome. Senior precision rotary microtome or (AO Spencer type) is considered as the most advanced sectioning equipment for medical colleges, universities, hospitals and educational institutions.

A basic procedure is involved in the process of cutting slices or materials. In this process, the materials that are sliced are extremely soft. These materials are dipped in wax or are frozen using either carbon dioxide from cylinder or a low temperature re-circulating coolant. This makes the material hard and easy to be sliced. These materials can be industrial products such as textiles, paper, soft plants, powders, pastes, leather and food products. And the devices used for slicing these frozen materials are freezing microtome.

Freezing microtome has an automatic protection against overheating in case of water supply failure.
Wood microtome includes features like performance, versatility and ergonomics. Wood microtome is a universal instrument used for a variety of applications where paraffin, wood or tissues are sanctioned.

It is designed economically and has an outstanding safety standard that ensures free and convenient operation. Its sturdy construction gives it qualities that ensure excellent, reproducible sectioning results. It has maximum specimen size of 90 x 130mm, thickness range 1 to 40 um and a robust knife holder.

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