First, all headaches don't seem to be migraines. Ayurveda explains headache as a symbol of various diseases associate degreed conjointly as an independent disease entity. Vata Pitta symptoms area unit clear altogether the four phases of migraine:

1. Prodrome phase: Constipation, mood changes, food desire, stiff neck, thirst.
2. Aura phase: Bright spots or flashes of sunshine, vision loss, pins and needles sensations, weakness or numbness, issue speaking, hearing noises.
3. Attack phase: Pain on one side or either side of your head, throbbing or pulsing pain, sensitivity to light, sounds, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, lightheadedness.
4 Postdrome phase: Confusion, moodiness, dizziness, weakness, sensitivity to lightweight and sound.

Migraine headache causes extreme pain which might endure for hours or perhaps days. Also, these severe headache caused due to a sick headache typically happens on one side of the head. Migraine headache now a day became a common health hazard and are affecting more than 11 people in hundred. There are number of frequent cases wherever Migraines might or might not run within the family. Analysis states that migraine headaches first seem from 10–45 years old-time. The most effective resolution to the present downside is that the intake of Ayurvedic Medicines for these migraine headaches.

You can conjointly realize a broad vary of migraine treatment in Ayurveda in Hindi written. All these Migraine treatments in Ayurveda in Hindi area unit the recent ancient Hindu system of the drugs world, supported the target of herbal treatment, yogic breathing etc.

Trigger Factors of Migraine Attack

● Few bound forms of food like baked food, dairy product, onion, soured food, significant to digest meat and peanuts.
● Excessive stress
● Suppression of natural urges
● The mental or physical stress of any kind
● Indigestion
● Overboard intake of salty, oily and spicy food
● Fasting
● Hormonal secretion imbalance due to the additional usage of contraception pills or throughout the oscillation
● Modification in sleep pattern
● An excessive amount of exposure to daylight
● Exaggerated consumption of smoking and alcohol
● Strong stimuli like noise, smell or light

It is vital to cut back the common causes of Vata and pitta imbalance whereas handling migraine headaches. Avoid over intake of spicy, sour, salty, bitter and astringent tastes, exposure to extreme cold/hot and dry conditions, excess exertions, keeping awake at nights, suppression of hunger and urges, stress, alcohol intake, smoking, exposure to sturdy smells.

[We all know smoking is unhealthy, however it’s even worse throughout menopause]

Symptoms of a Migraine

The symptoms for these headaches are completely different for each single being. The common ones are:
● Vomiting
● Nausea
● Eye pain
● Acute pain within the aspect of the head
● Sensitivity towards sound or light

All these common symptoms of migraine may be treated with a headache ayurvedic medicine.

Also, it's been detected that before the assault of a migraine attack, some individuals expertise a selected warning ‘aura’ or signs like weakness in one aspect of the body, flashing lights, symptom and blind spot in one eye. associate aura will mimic the symptoms of stroke and may be very horrifying, particularly for those who never had associate aura before. These aura’s or signs could last for some minutes then dissolve as a headache or last till a headache resolves.
Natural Remedies for a Headache

A headache downside is treated at initial stages with the assistance of natural remedies for a headache. Here are many of them:
● A teaspoon of seed powder and coriander with a cup of water ought to be left nightlong. Drink it consecutive morning, ideally with associate empty abdomen.
● Almonds and Raisins are extraordinarily smart for our health. Soak 5 to 6 almonds and raisins every night and eat them consecutive morning. It’s recommended to drink the water you soaked them in too.
● Another nice natural headache written material medicine is tender and recent leaves of pomegranate or bush as a juice within the early morning.

Classic strategy of migraine headache

Ayurveda offers a classical strategy within the management of migraine headaches, which has medicines, ghee, milk boiled with herbs and tonics. There ar many therapies and treatment plans are found to be effective victimization the proper oils and at the proper section.
The tips below are useful:
• Consume soup of wholegrain puffed rice additional with pomegranate juice or honey.
• Drink many water; avoid heat water. Water boiled and cooled with fennel seeds or Indian Sarsaparilla is used for drinking.
• Application of nutmeg paste or sandalwood paste on the forehead and temples will facilitate ease the ache and discomfort.
• place 2-3 drops of drawn butter in every nostrils.
• Ensuree 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
• Keep a consistent eating schedule.
• Regular exercise within the day time.

Treatment of Migraine Headaches through medical care

The treatment for migraine headaches are unit fully dependent upon the sort of medicine prescribed to stop the attacks and triggers, however oftentimes they occur, however long they last and pain relief. It’s forever well to use a natural remedy for headaches over allopathic medication.

Migraine treatment in Ayurvedic contains a range of therapies to treat a migraine, they are:

1. Shirovasti: It is associate degree Ayurvedic treatment for a headache that is extremely effective. This Ayurvedic medication for a migraine headache helps in action variety of diseases associated with the brain, like throbbing pain, depression and migraine. During this medical care, a leather covers the outer space of the head. Since there's a crater within the cap, the medicated oil is command within the gap for a few time.
2. Shirodhara: Yet another excellent therapy that has a huge impact on the nervous system of one’s body. This therapy acts like a perfect ayurvedic medicine for a migraine. In Shirodhara, a continuous stream of warm oil is poured over the area where the nerves are highly concentrated i.e the forehead. This way the pressure of the oil forms a vibration on the forehead which helps our nervous system and mind to experience mental rest. As appealing as this therapy is there are a few contradictions to it too. Pregnant women, injury on head or neck, nausea and vomiting feeling etc.
3. Kavala Graha: Another perfect substitute therapy for Ayurvedic medicine for a migraine is oil pulling or Kavala Graha. This therapy imparts a number of benefits such as whiter teeth, a powerful detoxifying effect, increased relief from migraine headaches and many more.
4. Sneha Naysa: This therapy is carried out through the nasal pathway. It helps in decreasing physical stress.
5. Shiropela: Shiropela is the best therapy treatment for severe headaches and migraine attacks as it is highly effective in curing mental exhaustion caused to due to both physical and mental stress.
The problem of a migraine is a troublesome issue; therefore it’s highly advisable to get ayurvedic medicines for a headache than antibiotics as they don’t have any sort ill effects or any other serious repercussions on your health. Prevention is always better than cure. So always follow the tips given by Ayurvedic experts such as don’t over stress, reduce the intake of tea and coffee, avoid spicy food etc. to avoid another migraine attack.

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