For a while now, there has people who have said about the no-go zones have been forming around Europe. However, although some people have been willing to listen to what these people have had to say, there have been others that haven’t.

Upon hearing something like this, it can be normal for someone to say that this is not something that has any basis in reality. It is then going to be as though this is something that is said to create fear and to put an end to the help that is being provided for people from others countries.

Real Life

Now, if someone says that there are no–go zones, it could just be a sign that they have heard about them through watching videos. As a result of this, this person might not be able to prove that they exist.

However, the fact that the chancellor of Germany has now come out and said that they exist, shows that someone doesn’t need to watch a video to find out them; they can hear about them straight from the horse’s mouth. Then again, if someone lives near to one of these areas, they are not going to need to read about them in a paper and they won’t need to hear about them from the chancellor of Germany either.

An Analogy

If someone has heard about these zones from news outlets and even from the people they know, and they haven’t believed what they have heard, it can be due to where they live. Perhaps they live in an area that hasn’t really been affected by migration, which has allowed them to carry on as normal.

This is then going to be very similar to someone who has a disease, but as the disease has only just formed, they won’t realise what is going on. Consequently, it can be as though they haven’t got anything wrong with them.

A Matter of Time

But unless something is done to what is going on within them, it will only be a matter of time before they can no longer experience life in the same way. In the same way, one might be able to carry on as normal for a while, but this is likely to change as more people from other countries enter their country.

Nonetheless, this is not to say that everyone who comes into their countries will cause problems, far from it. Yet, if one was to believe that everyone who comes in will be a good natured human being, for instance, they are likely to be incredibly naive.

A Different Point

With that aside, if someone is white, they can say that Europe should take in as many people as possible, and they can come out with a number of reasons as to why this should take place. Firstly, they can say that we messed up their countries, so it’s only fair that we help them.

Along with this, they can talk about colonisation and how we have to give back to the people that we took from in the past. When something like this is put forward, it is going to be as though white Europeans are the only race on the planet that has ancestors that have ever done anything wrong.

Every other race on the planet will have ancestors that have only done good things. And if someone has this outlook, there is a strong chance that they will have been to university, or they might still be there.


Someone like this can then feel incredibly guilty and ashamed due to what their ancestors supposedly did. Not only will they hate themselves and everyone else who has the same colour skin as they do, but everything they see will be seen as a reflection of the bad deeds that were committed in the past.

So, if someone sees themselves and their country in this way, there is going to be no reason for them to protect what their ancestors have built. The best thing will be for their culture to be completely destroyed.

Another Angle

Let’s just say that what has been said above is true and that the ancestors of the white Europeans were the worst human beings to ever walk the planet, does that mean that their decedents deserve to suffer? To miss quote Ghandi, will an eye for an eye allow the whole world to see?

To blame one generation for what their ancestors have supposedly done, would be similar to saying that one child is allowed to beat up another child due to what the child’s great-great-grandfather did to the other child’s great-great-grandfather when they were growing up. The only thing that this will show is that there is a lack of awareness, and this is why this would be allowed to take place.

A Gradual Process

When someone does hate themselves, along with the country that they live in, they won’t have ended up this way over night. What they have been told over the years by the media, the education system and the people in power, will have gradually worn them down.

Therefore, they won’t need a gun to be held to their head to surrender; they have already given up. The part of them that is there to keep them alive and to protect them, their fight/survival instinct, will have been disowned.

A Deeply Abusive Relationship

It is then as though one is a victim and the sources mentioned above (the media, education system and people in power) are the perpetrators. In the same way that an abusive relationship can start of well, this will also have started of well but, as time passed, it would have gradually changed and began to undermine them.

If the abuse had taken place sooner, one might have been able to see what was going on and to put an end to it. The trouble is that as this would have taken place so slowly, they wouldn’t have realised what was going on and, now that they feel so weak and worthless, a big part of them can feel comfortable with being treated so badly.


If one was in an abusive relationship, it would be vital for one to get away from the abuser and then to get support. When it relates to someone who has been and continues to be undermined by so many sources in their society, they probably won’t have anywhere else to go.

Instead, it will be vital for them to find the support that they need, so that they can more beyond their self-loathing and embrace the part of their nature that is there to protect them. Once they have started to get back on their feet, they can look into what they can to protect the country that their ancestors passed onto them and expected them to pass onto the next generation.

What also needs to be pointed out here is that the people in power are only too happy for different races (and men and women) to be fighting each other and for countries to be destroyed, as this is how they control people and stop them from being able to experience peace on earth. Divide and rule is the name of their game, and this then stops so many people from realising that we are all part of the human race.

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