Let's celebrate, all seekers of full Energetic Literacy. Because "After Dark" Magazine has just published the first magazine article EVER about aura reading.

That's the first magazine anywhere in America (to my knowledge). The cover story is "Auras Explained: What They Reveal About You."

Let's put this milestone in perspective. Because my milestones are OUR milestones. They are triumphs for everyone in the mind-body-spirit communities hoping to move from the fringes of American culture right into the mainstream. And move there with full integrity. Yes, we can!

The Rose Rosetree collection of 961 media interviews, so far, includes these other milestones for collective consciousness:

1. First -- and probably only -- face reading interview on "The Diane Rehm" show.
2. First face reading interview by Steve Doocy, now beloved of Fox. I'm guessing he hasn't done too many more TV interviews about face reading. When interviewing me, Doocy did local TV network news in Washington, D.C.
3. First face reading segment on "The Colbert Report." Alas, this wasn't quite an interview, but it's still fun to watch. You can join the 54,000 online viewers of the clip at www.comedycentral.com (Log in, click on "The Colbert Report," then search under ROSE ROSETREE.)
4. First face reading interview on a nationally syndicated TV show "The Jenny Jones Show."
5. First face reading interview on "The View" -- which is a delightful but bizarre world of its own. (These were, incidentally, the two top-rated segments for the whole week. Yeah, energetic literacy!)
6. Probably the first face reading interviews in American newspapers period, though I can't be sure of that. Definitely the first series of energetic literacy interviews in a major American paper, which would the 34 articles that appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times. Each was at least one full page, quite a lot of space in an American newspaper back in the second millennium.
7. Although mostly about face reading, this series also included the first aura reading interviews in American newspapers. (If I'm mistaken about that, readers, correct me!)
8. I even have had the honor of being the first Aura Reading Pundit in an American newspaper, as I helped to cover the Vice-Presidential Debate between Lieberman and Cheney for USA Today.
9. First national newspaper to discuss becoming a skilled empath -- part of my second extensive interview for The Washington Times.
Let's not forget aura reading the babies
10. Personally, I was also delighted when the Chicago Sun-Times published the aura reading article that was the first one I did (at least) aura reading a pregnant celebrity, so I got to compare the soul of the baby with the soul of the celebrity. Just part of the fun in normal life when a person has Stage 3 energetic literacy!

Gwen Stefani didn't get back to me yet about the accuracy of that aura reading. Recently, though, I did a similar kind of aura reading for my client Gladys.

Her daughter-in-law Josephine is pregnant. So Gladys brought me a photo of Josephine. I did the usual aura baby thing, alternating chakra databanks for mother and babe-in-the-making.

The sex of the baby wasn't known yet, so I tried to be careful to refer to this child as "he or she." A few times, however, "he" slipped out.

Gladys was delighted with that aura reading. She shared it with her own daughter, the aunt-in-the-making.

Both of them laughed their heads off because the descriptions of Josephine sounded so very much like Josephine, while babe-in-the-making is energetically the spitting image of Dad. As son, as brother -- both these women happen to know that guy pretty well.

A few weeks later, incidentally, a sonogram confirmed that the babe-in-the-making is male. Anyway...

* Aura Reading in which magazine?

"After Dark" is the official "Coast to Coast AM Magazine." The September 2010 issue contains just 15 pages, so it was quite an honor to have three full pages that intelligently introduced readers to Aura Reading, chakra databanks, and even cutting cords of attachment. You can view the cover with this aura reading mag article link; just scroll down a bit to view the "historic document." ;-)

You can't read the article online, but why not subscribe? For info, call 888-261-6392 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              888-261-6392      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Hey, that mag. article contains another first:

11. First magazine or newspaper article in America (probably) with discussion of cutting cords of attachment.

Reporter Corinna Underwood included my aura readings of legendary radio host Art Bell. "Coast to Coast" is the name of George Noory's syndicated show. And Corinna published my aura reading of him as well.

For the record, Corinna did an exceptional job in that article. My quotes actually sound like me! And she introduced readers to a number of new and key concepts of energetic literacy.

Plenty more articles remain to be written, of course. Won't it be great, for instance, when there are as many articles about energetic literacy as there are about, say, "true crime"?

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