Retirement in any career field is a milestone in someone’s life. Military retirements are no exception. For twenty years or more, men and women have worked to protect their country and are now moving into a new chapter of their lives. Military retirement gifts are a terrific way to recognize a retiree’s service and dedication. Choosing the right gift, though, can sometimes be difficult. Here area few tips to help make that decision a bit easier.

Personalization Is Key

Probably the first thing to consider is how to personalize the gift specifically for the military member who is retiring. This is what really makes a retirement gift special. From a simple engraved name to the dates of services, engraving, etching, and other personalization methods will provide a unique reminder for their years of service. While it’s common to think of personalized plaques for military retirement gifts, there are many others gifts that can highlight a military career.

Traditional Military Retirement Gifts
Plaques, shadowboxes, and watches are common gifts for members of the military who are retiring. A photo of the airman, soldier, or sailor, along with their name, rank, and services dates can be added to a plaque. However, you may also want to add a specialized unit insignia or seal or the crest from the branch of service. These plaques are available in a number of different materials, sizes, and finishes.

Shadowboxes and display cases are a fantastic way to allow the serviceman or woman to display the flag, medals, or patches. The medals awarded to military members are a source of great pride and honor. This type of military gift lets the member showcase his or her achievements in a very dignified and elegant manner.

Watches have been a common retirement gift for many years. Some are available with the branch crest on the face and a personalized message or engraving on the back. There are a number of watch designs and styles that you may choose from, as well as several different engraving and personalization options.

Non-Traditional Military Retirement Gifts
Some people favor giving a gift that isn’t as traditional. There is certainly nothing wrong with these types of military retirement gifts and oftentimes, the recipient is more appreciative of something a bit different. For example, a beautifully embroidered jacket with the branch seal or emblem is a wonderful gift, as is a hat, tie, or briefcase. You may want to consider engraved picture frames, a military ring, or even a beautiful military sword.

A Few Final Thoughts
It won’t take long for you to find the best military retirement gifts. A simple search online is best, and you can browse through the selections at your leisure. Additionally, you can see all the personalization options, shipping charges, and estimated time it takes for delivery all in one convenient website. Military retirement gifts will show your appreciation to the veteran for their service. Don’t let the chance to say thank you pass you by.

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