Changes come in two ways – revolution and evolution. Revolution is few people of ‘enlightenment’ rising against the age-old norms and toppling it over in one or more than one swift blow. Revolution is everything, but evolution. And evolution is subtle. Evolution happens with years. Unnoticeable at first and often for many years. But, if you talk about the impact, evolution beats revolution by miles. Let’s walk through a recent evolution that is bound to change the leadership game for the companies:

Millennial leadership puts more efforts in ensuring employee wellbeing and growth as opposed to a profit-centric approach of the previous generations.

Put millennials in the leadership chair and they are more long-term goal oriented, unlike their earlier counterparts who focused more on short-term objectives.

While the generation X or Baby Boomer bosses will just think about Corporate Social Responsibility, Millennial leaders are more likely to work on them.

Millennials will be collaborative as leaders and will focus on getting ‘there’ as a team. The generation before, was more self-centered when it came to reaping profits.

Millennials grew up in a world that was doing decently well. By their teens or early adulthood technology made life way easier. The result is the evolution of a thinking, innovative and collaborative generation. The problem factor is that most of the millennials will not aspire traditional C-suite jobs and 50% of them think the older generation does not quite get what they want. This disconnect can very well snowball into a huge leadership deficit in the coming years.

Sustaining Future Growth with Millennial Leaders – Whitepaper talks in detail about this very disconnect and analyzes to reach a solution for companies that are set on going future-forward.

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