The film is based on Samruddhi Porey's story Mala Aai Vhhaychy. Utekar and Rohan Shankar wrote the screenplay. Rohan Shankar is the author of the dialogues. First and foremost, it's a fascinating story. Although it is a surrogacy film and discusses it extensively, its approach is not limited to it. What this means is that, while there is a strong lesson conveyed, the screenplay and scene construction have a distinct flair that encompasses so many different moods that you are pleasantly blown away by the writing. The screenplay, rather than the story, is what stands out. It's not an easy film to write, but the writers have done an excellent job. You're laughing one minute and then you're crying the next. Immediately, a scene that chokes your heart appears. And then there's one line that makes you laugh out loud once more. And everything happens naturally, with no sense of compulsion. The characters are enjoyable, and the scenarios produced are cinematically rooted, if a touch far-fetched at times. When things start to go awry, you can start to doubt the legality of the situation. The creators have attempted to answer all of your questions, however the most logical people may still have doubts- ehh, how could this happen? It is possible for a film to be made. That isn't the sole reason why makers exist. What they've revealed in terms of the gravity of the situation is spot on.

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