As the seasons change and we start planning things to do outdoors, heck the indoors are just as good, I think it's essential to have a place to be able to relax and enjoy our surroundings, with no outside interference.
Creating that relaxing area for the mind to settle and release all of our combined efforts of the day is no doubt a great way to regain who we are. Taking some simple steps in making this area for us to visit frequently, can only benefit our outlook of our world. And by building it ourselves will mean more than if someones else creates it.
Now I'm not talking about some elaborate facility... for example, it could just be as simple as a chair positioned at your choosing, sitting down, petting the animals, looking out a window at the sky...(remember the sky?) and taking the time to let it all go away for just a short moment.
Nowadays, everyone is so busy with all that they do, that by having a space to retrieve our thoughts, can only be a positive.
Remember, it just needs to be a place to let the mind catch up and release any tensions. Enjoy the day...

Author's Bio: 

I'm an avid builder and repair person. I have these area's which I call 'zones' all over my property. When I need to get away from it all... I plant myself in one of them. even it's just for a short while, and wipe my mind clean.
The immediate benefit, is the uncluttered mind to get back to something I'm either, wanting or needing to do.