During times of fear and doubt anxiety becomes a natural reaction. As a long time coach and training professional I have been a student of mind power. Over 40+ years now I have practiced how to successfully use the mind to manifest success, create desired realities and most importantly identify how to eliminate anxiety.

Here are 3 simple keys to silence the fear mongering all around you. The most important thought presently is the desire to live and not the avoidance of death. The mind works very simply to deliver that which it believes you want, so when you seek to avoid any concept you are telling your sub-conscious that is what you want. So the fear of death based upon that which you have no control over such as a pandemic has become an avoidance focus as opposed to the desire focus which should be living each day to create the best life you can.

So number one stop thinking of avoidance and start thinking in terms of joyous living.

The second key is to begin afresh each day with the thought of what is possible and not what is probable. So many live with the limits of probabilities due to what they see, hear and are surrounded by. Its takes controlled effort to design your thought on what is possible. That again is a positive and thoughtful consideration.

So number 2 is to begin each day consumed with thoughts of what is possible.

The 3rd and last key is to focus on thoughts of gratitude, expectation and forgiveness. This means being grateful for all events and results of life. That includes adversity and problems. Being grateful for everything creates the habit of thankfulness which makes expectations very simple and also helps to be able to forgive anyone for anything. Realize that forgiveness is a gift for you. The act of forgiveness creates powerful ease and comfort in your own mind. You eliminate all jealousy, envy, spite and most importantly anger.

So number 3 is to create a mindfulness of gratitude, expectation and forgiveness.

Author's Bio: 

The Founder of the Advocacy network has 44 years’ experience in the Financial Services, Resort Real Estate, Business and Sales Coaching industries. He has either worked directly or consulted for such notable companies as Northwestern Mutual, Prudential, Metropolitan Life, Lincoln Financial Services, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Ginn Development Company, Playground (Intrawest), Lennar Homes, Exit Realty, Remax, Merrill Lynch, Nightingale-Conant, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy and many others. Karl was one of the initial certified trainers for the classic Earl Nightingale Lead the Field program. He has developed an extensive network of investment banking, B/D and Financial Services contacts through his marketing advisory work with small micro-cap public entities. In 2009 he raised over $23M in capital for small micro-cap issuers. Presently he consults for both public entities advising on capital raise concepts as well as those seeking to go public. Karl is a member of the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), he is a CFE (Certified and Financial Educator) and a certified NLP Practioneer.

Karl published the “Fabulous Fortunes through F.A.L.U.R.E in 2003 and developed small workshops that promoted a fresh perspective on the concept of failure. In 2008 he was asked to be a participating co-author in “The Power of the Platform” other co-authors included Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Dr. Tony Alessandra and an impressive list of others. Most recently Karl published “You Might Be Getting Scammed When…” as a platform piece for the Advocacy Network. This year a new book “The Middle-Class Millionaire Plan” is being released. Karl has ghostwritten 9 books for financial services professionals and has created content for numerous thought leaders in selected sectors such as tech, mining, financial investing, small cap creation, investor relations, bio-pharma and CBD oil and products.

During 43 years of selling and training Karl has won numerous awards including the prestigious MDRT qualification and been selected as a platform motivational speaker.

Karl entered a sales career to continue his coaching career in Baseball. He coached at the HS, College and professional levels. During 18 years of coaching he was fortunate to have led 5 teams to championships at different levels including a College World Series appearance. He served as a Coach and a MLB Scout during which time he produced over 65 players that were selected in the MLB Amateur draft. (This included his son Chris selected in 1999 by Milwaukee)