In recent years mind power training has really come to prominence when aspiring to reach certain goals and to improve one’s Mind Power Traininglife.

Lifestyle coaches, fitness coaches, empowerment coaches- they all adopt techniques and strategies that fully utilize the innate powers of the mind.

I’ve said it many times before, your mind is where it all happens, and is without doubt, the key to determining what kind of life you’ll ultimately lead.

Despite me doing my dream job for over 10 years (professional rugby player) I still led a pretty miserable existence.

Why? Well, because I constantly filled my mind with feelings of doubt, fear and worry.

Basically, the long of the short of it, was that I let my mind control me, instead of me controlling my mind.

When you take control of your mind, you can accomplish anything.

The new car, the luxury house, the dream job, the perfect partner, the bulging bank account can all be yours when you harness and nurture the power of your mind.

One of the most powerful techniques to tapping in to the true power of the mind to bring you what you want in life, and is something I religiously do every morning before I start my day, is the process of creative visualization.

The power of creative visualization is one of the most proven and effective mind power training secrets that all high achievers in the world of sport, the arts, business, and exploration use to manifest and achieve their goals

Below are 9 practical mind power training steps to effective creative visualization.

Step One: Find a Quiet Time and Place

Choose a quiet place where you can concentrate, and is free from all distractions and disturbances.

This could be in your bedroom, your study, even in the countryside

Also pick a time when there’s less chance you will be disturbed and interrupted by your work, family, children or any other external occurrences.

The most ideal time I find is both first thing in the morning or just before going to bed.

Step Two: Wear Your Baggies

Ensure you wear clothes that are loose, comfortable and relaxing.

Step Three: Get Comfortable

Sit or lie in a comfortable position ensuring your spine is straight and your heart is just a little higher than your legs.

Relax your whole body. This eases tension and helps with your blood circulation.

Step Four: Close Your Eyes.

Closing your eyes will help prevent you being interrupted from things in your external, physical world so that you can concentrate and focus on your images in your mental world

Step Five: Breathe

Breathe at a slow, deep, rhythmic pace. Listen to the rhythm of your breathing and become more and more relaxed

Step Six: Paint the Picture

This is where you begin the process of visualization. Create the key images of the particular thing, goal or object you desire.

See what you desire as already complete.

Make the images as clear and bright as possible. See them as sharply and clearly as you can with your mind’s eye.

If for example you want to own a luxury beach-front villa then see yourself walking through the front door of the exact house you want to own. Fill in every detail. What is the color of the exterior? What does the approach to the house look like? What kind of views do you have? What does the hallway, kitchen, bedrooms, study and dining room look like? Fill in as much detail as possible.

Step Seven: Fuel with Emotion

This is key to propelling your vision forward.

Adding emotion to your images multiplies the potency and effects of your visualizations. Add sounds, smells, tastes and feelings to your images.

If we again use the example above of you imagining owning that luxury beach front villa. You might add in the warm glow of the sun on your face as you sit relaxing on your patio, or the sound of the waves lapping up to the shore. You then can add, the feelings of pride, accomplishment and satisfaction that you’ve achieved a lifelong goal of owning a luxury property at your dream destination.

The more intense the feelings and emotions you can muster when you’re visualizing your image, the more powerful and effective will be the results.

Step Eight- Have your Dreams in Your Face

Sometimes people have trouble seeing, and visualizing their goals. If this is the case, cut out pictures and images that symbolize what you desire, and stick them in prominent places, where you will see them regularly throughout the day.

This can be on the refrigerator door in your kitchen or on a vision board in your bedroom or office.

Doing this will keep both your conscious and subconscious mind focused on your goals.

Step Nine: Be Creative

When creating your images whether physical or mental, be as creative as possible. It doesn’t matter what they are, and how they look, just as long as they are specific to you and your needs, then they will be very effective in helping you achieve your goals.

These then are the nine important steps to mind-power training through creative visualization.

Remember to set aside time each and every day to visualize all your goals as already complete.

You don’t need to do this for long, just 10 to 15 minutes will be ample.

Remember, with your mind you can literally achieve anything. Harness it properly and your dreams will become your reality, guaranteed!

So I urge you to start using the power of creative visualization today- It is one of the strongest and most important mind power training techniques in your success and goal achievement tool box.

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The human mind has incredible powers and capabilities. The thoughts that it creates ultimately determines the destiny of your life. Start taking control of your destiny by unlocking the power of your mind through proven mind power training.