Abuse of any kind is one of the most tragic aspects of the human condition. Whether verbal, physical or sexual, abuse degrades the victim and burdens the person with a lifelong load of fear and guilt.

Psychology can only go so far. Despite years of therapy and support groups, childhood abuse survivors often can’t rise above their experiences to see themselves as remarkable people who deserve to be happy. Hope and healing are elusive and even those who go on to live rich, full lives sometimes fail to rid themselves of the shadow of their abusers. Thanks to courageous new breakthroughs in the field of creative visualization and relaxation (CVR), though, such sufferers may now have a path to empowerment and healing. That path is Healing Meditations for Child Abuse Survivors, created by Dr. Patrick Porter.

Patrick K. Porter, PhD, an expert in the area of CVR, took inspiration from Dr. Michael Irving’s Reaching Out Child Abuse Monument to create Healing Meditations. The visualizations in the series are designed to help abuse survivors see themselves as remarkable people who have the courage to live through adversity and rise above and beyond the cruelty visited on them by others.

Many abuse survivors feel guilt over the abuse they suffered, which keeps them from realizing their survival itself was heroic. Once former victims realize what they have accomplished by making it through the abuse, they are also free to see the power they have to create vibrant, enjoyable lives.

There’s even more good news. Porter, founder of PorterVision, has compounded the success rates of CVR for abuse survivors with his most recent breakthrough, the invention of ZenFrames. ZenFrames are glasses that use finely-tuned light and sound frequencies to synchronize the left and right sides of the brain and produce deeply relaxed brainwave activity.

That process transports the abuse survivor’s mind into the deepest meditative states, magnifying the effect of the binaural beats and allowing the former victim to achieve a sense of distance and safety in far less time than with traditional therapy methods. People who were once victims of their abusers can finally experience a whole new reality as they embrace freedom in a way never thought possible before.

Light and sound glasses don’t require extensive learning to use; you can plug them into any MP3 player. And, 20 minutes of such brain entrainment is equal to four hours of sleep, a boon for those still plagued by sleepless nights and nightmares.

Most importantly, when used in combination with CVR audio sessions, light and sound technology allows childhood abuse survivors to feel loved and to love themselves. With meditations on “Empowerment,” “Healing Shame,” and “Grief and Letting Go,” Healing Meditations aids abuse survivors in healing self-blame and celebrating their victory over the adversity they faced.

No, healing the emotional wounds of childhood abuse isn’t easy. With these new tools of empowerment, though, victims of abuse can have the comfort of distance and the power to move forward. They can finally come to understand that the abuse they suffered is a memory, and that memories are thoughts, and thoughts are within their power to change. What you imagine is what you become. Now we can all imagine a future of hope and healing.

Author's Bio: 

Andrea Di Salvo is a freelance writer with more than a decade of writing experience. Dr. Patrick Porter is the author of a number of books on mind technology including the award-winning Awaken the Genius and his new release, Thrive in Overdrive. He is the creator the ZenFrames Portable Achievement Device. Learn more at www.PorterVision.com.