A best man wedding speech should be well thought out. It should be prepared and practiced in advance. This is considered as an important part of the program which is meant to reflect the newly married couple. It is his role to stand by the groom's side before, during and after the wedding. He is the male equivalent of the bride's maid of honor.

Traditionally, this is a role bestowed to someone who is very dear or close to the groom. He will be the groom's main source of support through the entire occasion. This is why the toast is relevant to the event. Much like all other complementary speeches, these should be kept simple and short. It should be noted that despite a safe five to ten minute toast, the words uttered are what will matter.

When making a best man wedding speech, it is important to keep good composure. Alcoholic drinks are always a constant at weddings. It should be taken in small amounts until the speech has been delivered. This will be able to prevent you from potentially making a fool out of yourself. You should bear in mind that this speech - no matter how short or long it is will be remembered for posterity.

Light jokes are always acceptable. Though you should always take in to great consideration the people in the crowd. Parents, colleagues, relatives, friends and even children from either side will be present in the event. Sensitivity to the choice of words and the delivery should always be noted. The last thing you would want is for someone to get offended from what you may say.

Always remember that its not your day. Its your best friend's day and you have a responsibility to make it good and to contribute your bit. You have a responsibility as the best man. make it count.

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