MindfulNutrition/Mindful Eating

Whether we like it or not it does matter what we eat, for our bodies to receive the right nutrients to function at their best and to be free from disease it is important to be Mindful of what we are putting into our bodies in the way of supporting our nutritional needs so as to help to prevent disease so as to be able to Age Well.

Mindful eating is not about being on a diet, it is about thinking about what you are eating and whether it is going to make us strong & healthy or is it going to do us harm. There are no menus or recipes. It is being aware of what you are eating and why!

The sensations you experience when you eat, and the thoughts and emotions that you have about food. It is more about choosing food that is going to help you to not only feel better but what it is going to do for you.

It is important to understand why you eat what you eat. Why we choose the foods we eat come from a myriad of areas from our upbringing, to advertising, what we may think is easy to what we might think is healthy or good.

The important things are to understand that the foods we eat are one of the main foundations of our life, not just for the moment but the decision we make as to what we are eating will be what will determine how we will be in the future.

The important things to remember with food that:
•“Fresh is best”
•When eating out Avoid white processed rolls & bread as much as possible
•If the meal takes less than half an hour to come to you it is not freshly cooked but reheated ( not good) Eat out less often at a better restaurant that you have to wait for your meal
•Don’t mix your proteins eg meat with cheese, this will lead to digestive disorders and bowel problems
•Always include vegetables or salad with your meal
•Breakfast can be something as simple as a smoothie with a variety of fruits & yoghurt a great energy boost to start the day
•Keep snacks to roasted almonds, walnuts & fruit
•Avoid foods with chemicals & additives at all cost
•Avoid crumbed and deep fried foods
•Do not eat margarine
• When cooking use olive oil
•When feeding a family buy good cuts of meat but to make it economical make stir fries it goes a long way, even stews cooking the meat first for a longer period of time, then adding vegetables to the last 15 minutes of cooking

Author's Bio: 

Julie Doherty is a Fully Accredited Naturopathic Practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd.

Having completed Professional Qualifications in Naturopathic Medicine: Herbal Medicine: Homoeopathic Medicine: Nutritional Medicine: Holistic Massage Therapy: Body Work: & Natural Beauty Therapy. This has enabled Julie to follow her dream of helping thousands of people overcome their health issues & heal their body with the use of a combination of Naturopathic Health Medicines & treatments.

Julie’s vision and passion has been to assist each person to become well with the least invasive & most effective treatments. Whilst building a practice with like minded people.

Over the past 25 year, Julie Doherty has successfully treated & assisted people with various areas of ill health and disease from the common cold, skin ailments through to cancer.

Julie’s approach is to enable each person to have the best “Quality of life possible”