Modern minimalist décor is very powerful when it is handled correctly. Contrary to what many think, this interior design style is not about leaving spaces empty, but about creating a room where everything has a function. Modern minimal is, then, for people looking for organization amid the chaotic surroundings of life and modern society.

In order to be clear, let's define 'modern' and 'minimalist'.

'Modern' is not 'contemporary'. 'Contemporary' is a time period, and 'modern' is a lifestyle. It is an attitude that cherishes technology and social contact; it simplifies life. It is sincere and eliminates the things that have no true meaning for you.

'Minimalist' can apply to 'modern' or other decoration styles. The minimalist movement in design started after WWII as a back-to-the-basics approach that considered simple living a more relaxed and comfortable way of existence.

When applied to 'modern', the minimalist approach works when it shows someone's favorite colors and shapes in a dynamic and fun way. When interior designers in Seattle decorate in a modern minimalist style, she is creating a space to fit the owner's way of life. Every single item will have a specific purpose and place. The designer will create a warm, practical and extremely welcoming atmosphere by using, or leaving out, color and texture.

Drama in modern minimalist décor is not achieved through strong color. Big elements like walls, furniture and floors will show white and neutral colors. The light is used to challenge the soft white walls, and the architectural characteristics of the space are exhibited.

In the same way, forget about heavy textures for this style. The basis for a hit modern minimalist décor is soft fabrics, leather furniture, shiny cabinets and floors, and linear and invisible moldings.

With clarity on the client's needs, a professional designer will create a living and enchanting minimalist space. She will help the owner feel accomplished and relaxed in his or her life by getting rid of things that are not needed. The modern minimalist décor is a style that rejoices in clean lines and an open space. It is certainly a style that lets a person rebel against the dominating and rampant consumerism that has taken control over the world.

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