Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh acknowledge the ‘The Islands Historia De Amor'

Bangladesh Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Acknowledge ‘The Islands Historia De Amor'

The Islands Historia De Amor, The English book of poems.
‘The Islands Historia De Amor' The collection of English book of poetry, are now available here at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Directorate of Archive and Libraries in Dhaka, Bangladesh National Library acknowledge a copy of the collection of book of English poems new book shelved at Bangladesh national public Library Dhaka.

The Secretary of Ministry of Cultural Affairs representatives assure the new foreign language books of poetry ‘The Islands Historia De Amor' is in Bangladesh National Library Collections and will distribute throughout various local, International and divisional government offices in Bangladesh for Education research propose.

The author Abdul Haye Amin colour of heritage by virtue of birth born as a Bangladeshi origin age of only ten emigrated in England creative visual hallucination voices works of arts in words, in English literature in poetry, the ‘The Islands Historia De Amor' place his poetry book under the the Bangladesh depositories of national cultural heritage. The first Mango Tree Shades primary School ‘Bokshail Karamot Ali Primary School', Bishwanath, Sylhet, students to write in bilingual's language book of poetry in England.

...Is the era of political sign of official records, historical documentations, for British foreign Education Secretary of States after 163 year here in ‘Sub-continent' of India' our record shows no States British Education Ministers ever written in language ‘Bangla' but British Ministers expect immigrants as author Abdul Haye Amin to read, write, and communicate in English which is worst symptoms after depression in politics having British Tablets Seroxat will never cure the educational symptoms.

But how the Secondary Holte School, City of Birmingham, West Midland, Education Board, student reached far from Rice paddy field and River Surma to educate in Bilingual language the Bangladesh Secretary of Ministry of Cultural Affairs, wounder the well known ‘Hason Raja' left multimillion worth of Taka Palace in the street of Bishwanath, Sylhet, our Education diplomatic Ministers are to learn lesson in a foreign language the centers of learning land of Rice paddy field of knowledge in research in Dhaka Nation library, the first man in India, discovery Christoper Columbus to cultivates soil of Holy saints of 'sub-continent of India' age of ignorance. The Bangladesh and the British Diplomatic are known total failure in the eyes of the foreign bilingual's Education in poetry and in politics with N.H.S. free packets of condoms or tablets ‘Seroxat' instead of Ritual five Times a days, in the Kingdom of almighty Lord.

27 nation in history in 1734 first European country Portugal Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam to teach the language Bangla author Abdul Haye Amin also collections of Bangla poems ‘Nil Dariar Prem' mean in English ‘Oceans of Love' the Bangla book of poetry, also received by Bangladesh National Library. The Islands Historia De Amor collections of Books has been preparation for to place under the Bangladesh national Bibliography 2011 Section.

On behalf of Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Directorate of Archive and Libraries welcome author Abdul Haye Amin in the near future publications book of any kinds to assist our national institutions heritage in education in cultural heritage in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Ministry of Cultural Affairs, trust the British Education and foreign secretary of States will honour our forgotten hero in language Bangla, the 27 nation Members of European country Portugal, Manoel Da Assumpcam by recognizing the second European language ‘Bangla' in the United Nation.The City of Birmingham, United Kingdom, Local Education Board, Secondary Holte School, proud of student without academic qualification in language Bangla as mentioned to his Parents or Guardian in 1982 as Follows:

"Such maturity and diligence can only have positive results. Please add my congratulations to your when you no doubt speak to him about this letter"—(Secondary Holte School, City of Birmingham, Head of Upper School,-D.C. Harris).

The British School Teachers probably committed crime of offense against humanity for Teaching the student the meaning of the definition word, ‘Introduction' mean in Language of Arabic;


Which mean in English "In the name of Almighty Lord, (Allah/God/Dues), the most merciful and the most Beneficial of Mankind"

‘Bokshail Karamot Ali Primary School, Bishwanath, Language in plain English describe as mean in holy bible mentioned:
Google Search Engine Image Featured name of Allah the only websites appeared?

"This is the covenant I will make (All British University Graduates Government Ministers and Education Board to adopt), with them after that time, says the Lord, I will put my, ( "Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him"—(786-Introduction), laws in their hearts, and I will writes them, (As Bonn, City Germany Forest: Virtue (Kalima) under their own soil and feet and...), on their minds."

—(Holy Bible: Verses: Hebrews: 16: Holy Bible Quran : Sura: Al-Bakaraho: 30: British Tablet: Seroxat). Out of ninety nine name of Lord Jesus Christ beloved Father beyond any cultural court of Justices.

Read 300 years old European Missionary language poem ‘Nil Dariar Prem' in Bangla and say ‘Allahu Akbar' without, N.H.S. free packets of condoms. Far as Buckingham Palace, London. Unless otherwise, authority of the States want free bath and showers as Tsunami 2004?

Well done and congratulations to city of Birmingham education authority of the States, your education in teaching the foreign students author (Guru Rakal), Abdul Haye Amin and hard labour proved our environment with identity of heritage in words to leave symbol of love for many Generation yet to comes as a symbol of token of foreign protocol States his or her love for the Education Board to follows many years to comes.

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh congratulate author Abdul Haye Amin and His Education Board, G.C.Gray and his teams city of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Secondary Holte School.

Members of the International Bilingual's media or Education institute who wish to review or to translates in various language ‘The Islands Historia De Amor' and Nil Dariar Prem' those book may be request or order a copy of by contacting the mentioned publishers retailers and or to purchase copies of the book for resale world wide.

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"The Islands Historia De Amor" * By Abdul Haye Amin.
The English Book of Poems.
Publication Date: November 2, 2010.
Picture Book; £27.99; 122 pages; 978-1-4568-0917-1.

‘NIL DARIAR PREM'-'Oceans of Love'* By Abdul Haye Amin.
The Bangla Book of Poems.
Publication Dates: 10/December/2007
ISBN: 984-8464-35-2.

Bonsai Prokashon:
Raza Mansion, Zinda Bazar, Syhlet, Bangladesh.

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