In the question of “realization” let us remain one in opinion regarding flexibility of mind and power of reasoning. Since we are to find out truth and attain perfection, we shouldn’t be at all biased by any religion, nor should we be orthodox and prejudiced. Now, the first query is, as human beings are we expected to submit to any doctrine and give up everything, living within narrow confine? No, never.

Again, we are not supposed to disapprove any prophet in the past. Individually each and everybody had enough to contribute and they did, indeed. But some references are inevitable and none of us should take those as just criticism. Scientific way of thinking should enrich us by all means. In fact, we are to meet the demands of our own selves and lead a balanced life to run in quest of light.

Let us brood over something today with great emphasis to ‘miracle’. Straightforwardly, you are not to accept the initiative that I would like to suggest and confirm as the ‘embodiment’. Only your honest opinion is most desired at this end to help people know truth unconfined.

The essence of miracles in the past

Belief in miracles exists more or less in all religions at all ages. The Upanishads assert that the experience of religious insight and transformation is the only “miracle” worth considering, but popular Hinduism attributes miraculous powers to the ascetic yogis.

Though Buddha Gautama deprecated his own miraculous powers as devoid of spiritual significance, accounts of his miraculous birth and life were later woven into his legend and into those of later Buddhist saints.

The New Testament records miracles of healing and other wonders performed by Jesus. Miracles also attest to the holiness of Christian saints. There were certain thoughts and beliefs the mind was oriented with to help propagation of Christianity.

Muhammad renounced miracles as a matter of principle (the Quran was the great miracle), but his life was later invested with miraculous details. Muslim popular religion, particularly under the influence of Sufism, abounds in miracles and wonder-working saints.

Although ‘values’ speak about ideals and principles we are supposed to follow. It enumerates the standard of our mind we develop in the light of so called miracles and what it truly stands for.

What does Miracle exactly mean?

It is a very common question and we must have, at length, a clear conception about it. Does it mean a supernatural event or a wonderful occurrence? There are so many facts and figures that we can, in no way, discard them outright. It is better to follow them slow and steady keeping judgment truly understandable.

To begin with, do you believe in Miracles? Yes, you do. Of course, I, too, believe. In fact, all of us do. We are after all human beings. But actually there’s nothing as miracle. There are self-styled actions and attributions which go in the name of miracles till today.

Now, if nothing gains importance, where do we stand? It is immaterial whether we believe in miracle or not. Truth cares for nothing and nobody. If we realize truth in its form or formlessness, well and good, otherwise a voice in the wilderness is of no use. Modestly, is truth ever attainable only through devotion? Modern science discards this attainment without ado.

Be it a supernatural event or a wonderful occurrence, we consider it to be the work of God. There are limitations in every sphere of life. When one crosses the limit scheduled for an accomplishment, one is respected from astounding point of view. Frankly, is there any difference between miracles, a saint or a sage claims to justify his identity and what a magician performs in a show?

Now what do we get cultivating different ideas and beliefs? Miracles are extraordinary events manifesting divine intervention in human affairs. They are, indeed, extremely outstanding or unusual events, things, or accomplishments. Individually, they are, as a whole, nothing but a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law.

Of course these high sounding words make no sense. Strangely, it stands in every human society without being aided by power of reasoning. And there lies the exceptionality of Great Ma-Mahajnan, the matchless genius. Now it is you to judge whether it is all just magic or simply miracles.

Where does Ma-Mahajnan stand for?

Philosophy of life of Ma-Mahajnan, expressed through numerous songs, discourses and catechism in a state of 'Conscious Trance' is beyond common comprehension. Though bound by a thousand ties in the mundane world, she remained an unusual seer, a matchless path-finder. Much earlier, for a span of eight years, apart from domestic duties and devotees’ problems, she dictated everyday for four hours, the matter for more than one hundred original and precious volumes. In fact, everything was so spontaneous and eloquence that we had to take the help of tape recording machine.

She observes, a correction is needed only where one makes a slip. Where ornamentation amounts to a travesty of truth, can correction in some places claim to reveal the truth in exact form? She, even that day at the age of 82, (unfortunately, we lost her on 22 nd January 2011) often guided us to remain engrossed, amidst adverse situations, in thinking and reasoning. Naturally, we expected you to be, at least, once with us in her ennobling contact. Sadly, at present it is out of question.

Strangely, she did not hold pen to write out but spoke at length whenever she felt like creating something. And it was far more astonishing, when we got those tape recorded or in black and white, she did not care for any interruption. She is so eloquent in all her expressions that we remained ever simply spell-bound. What a strange absurdity! We could make no sense of this miracle.

To repeat is there anything to do with miracle? Absolutely nothing. Then, isn’t it strange to think that Ma-Mahajnan stands as a ‘Quintessence of Miracle’. Whatever she had expressed in a state of “Conscious Trance”, always evoked something miraculous and of everybody’s concern. Ultimately, coordination of mundane and spiritual striving stood unique to pave the way and we were quite ignorant about those. Now it all appears awesome.

The quintessence of Miracle in Human Frame

There are controversies in understanding miracles. Naturally, a perfect example—rather the personification of an enthusiastic character should be our sole concern to find out what miracle exactly mean and how far it is acceptable as truth. During my long stay (forty-eight years) in the association of gracious Ma-Mahajnan we have had something to forward and you are, in fact, to judge them from every standard.

This is why we should assemble at a particular place and try to realize things from the evidence we could collect during her life-time. To build soon a “Research Institute” on our own land and holding is also inevitable. We are to judge so many facts and figures from every standard; through seminars and symposiums many a thing would be revealed. Well, let the time be ripened.

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