Miracle Brain System is a self improvement program that was recently launched on 10 December 2012. This program is created by Chris D'Cruz, author of Universal Life Secrets and other self help products.

The author's claim is that his system can help you to access your cerebral powers to achieve success, using a method he names the “Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator”. But does it work?

This is the purpose of this short Miracle Brain System review. In the next paragraphs I will share my personal story of how I used this Mind Magic Stimulator to help me in my online business.

What do you get when you invest in the Miracle Brain System?

This program is a 239 page e-book, combined with a 28 page supplementary workbook, and a 5 track “Rejuvenate Your Mind” audio module. The book itself contains 18 lessons – each of which was sent periodically to subscribers over time. However, later on the author packaged these lessons as one and this system was born.

You also get the “Success Compendium” bonus package. This bonus is basically a handy collection of e-books by Napoleon Hill, including “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Law of Success”. Personally, I haven't read any of Napoleon Hill's books, so I find this bonus to be a nice added value.

Considering that the majority of personal development courses out there are in e-book format, the additional audio modules give this program more value. I haven't gone through the audio tracks yet. However, I do know these tracks are sound-based meditation, such as for relaxing, restoring natural balance, and opening your subconscious.

You can use the audio modules to help you with the practices in the work book. I've always found sound-based meditation easier than normal visual meditation, so this audio module helps me greatly.

What have I learned from Miracle Brain System?

I haven't gone through the course completely, but I have gone through enough to get some results.

The very first chapter of this course talks about using the power of “wisest future action”. This is basically practicing mindfulness and common sense. But it's amazing how easy it is to forget common sense, especially when your emotions are overwhelming you.

You can practice the wisest future action to protect and grow your business. You do this by accessing it through the use of the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator.

This stimulator in essence is an exercise in meditation. The author describes a 3 step repeating routine that starts with deep breathing and uses visualization. Then you use this state of concentration to go through a series of “Success Dials” (I often mispronounce them as speed dials).

The success dials are a set of questions and thoughts to ask yourself. These questions help you to separate yourself from the problem, so that you can see objectively. This is how you come to apply the “wisest future action”, by making sure you are operating from rational thought and not emotion.

I have used this Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator exercises myself – and it works! It helped me deal with a difficult situation in my online business venture that greatly discouraged me. Though I am still slightly disappointed from the event, the wisest future action has increased my awareness that I invested too much time on a first project that had yet to prove profitable. Therefore for future projects I should adjust the investment as according to the magnitude of the potential profit.

Should you get this program?

Based on my experience so far, this method works. I'm sure there are still many other exercises in the program, so if you are not into business you can still get a benefit out of it. In fact, the author claims that his method can increase your sexual life, but I have yet to try that out …

Of course, as with any self improvement program your mileage may vary. I am here to report that it has worked for me, and it might work for you too. If you are interested in developing your mind power to create more success (using a proven method), then this program could be worth investing in.

If you need more information, I am conducting a full Miracle Brain System review over at my website. Feel free to visit me there, and I will be happy to help you.

Author's Bio: 

Deny D. Ritz researches and experiments various self improvement courses. Currently he is going through the Miracle Brain System course (among others) and reporting the results to the community at his website. Find out more about this program to increase mind power at: http://www.miraclebrainsystem.net/