Today I wanted to talk about a concept that I hold near and dear to my heart. The fact is that everything in life is marketing. If you think you are in a "pure" business and don't sell anything you are completely wrong. We are constantly selling, not just our products but ourselves. This is a concept of psychodynamic marketing. If we can understand how to properly market to all people, in everything we do, well we can literally take over the world. We can at least get people to give us more money right? Well, I want to take a short bit of time to look at life from this all life is a marketing marathon perspective. Look around right now, go ahead and count off as many of the labels as you have the ability to.

I can see a Compaq, AOC, Samson, Samsung, Sony, Pilot, Avirex, Avery, Staples, and a couple others all within arm's reach as I sit and type (that's not to mention my shoes, my shirt, the big metal plate in my head, just kidding - it's only a small metal plate). What labels can you see right now? I bet you didn't consider the paper that you write on, your pens and pencils, etc. As you can see marketing is all around us. All of the time, we are being exposed to some type of marketing campaign. Let's also look at the marketing that we are doing with our spouses, our kids, our friends, and everyone else we interact with. We are constantly marketing. For those of us that are married, we know that their is a constant give and take of negotiations going on in the house from what to watch on TV to purchasing a new property. For those of you that haven't had the luxury of marriage and children yet, think about the dating scene and how you are marketing your best qualities to your potential mate.

So now I assume we are in agreement that everything is marketing, right? At least there is a lot of marketing going on around us. So why wouldn't you want to know everything you can about the psychology of marketing? Lastly, I want to give you another one of my favorite principles. This is called the reciprocity principle, in the reciprocity principle, you can give someone something as small as a piece of gum and inflict major compliance among them socially. Pretty cool, huh? Here is why it works, if I was to come up to you in a meeting and offer you something like a pen, or piece of gum or even helpful advice, then you would feel obligated to helping me with something. If that something happened to be a sale of a yacht, a new job, or even with a spelling correction, you would feel obligated for a short time. Now you can't use this in a ridiculous manner, you can't be like "oh well I gave you that stick of gum so now you owe me your soul" or anything like that. Subconsciously though, they owe you and if you play it aloof or nonchalant, you can take advantage of this very subtle psychological trigger. Try it, I think you will like it.

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