We become so caught up in day to day living with the demands of our jobs, our families and our communities that we rarely pause to reflect on the miracles that happen every day.

No discussion of miracles would be complete without first talking about exactly what constitutes a miracle. For some, a miracle is an event believed to be caused by divine intervention by a supernatural being in the universe by which the ordinary operation of Nature is overruled, suspended, or modified. In other words, something that cannot be explained scientifically or by the currently understood laws of nature is thought of as a “miracle.” In casual usage, "miracle" may also refer to any statistically unlikely but beneficial event, such as the survival of a natural disaster or even events regarded as "wonderful", such as a birth, survival of a fatal illness, escaping a life-threatening situation or 'beating the odds'.

We know scientifically that the earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours and that rotation causes the sun to rise and set on the horizons. Yet we rarely take a moment to acknowledge the incredible synchronicity that must happen in order for the sun to rise. The simple beauty of a sunrise or sunset is a miracle in itself. We must take the time to notice.

Miracles are the little things that remind us that there exists outside ourselves a world of wonder, beauty and harmony. When all we can think about is balancing the budget, getting meals on the table, making sure homework is finished and making it through another day, we lose sight of beauty, wonder and possibilities. It is easy to forget to smell the flowers – and acknowledge the hundreds of tiny miracles that took place to get that flower to grow in that place at that moment. A child’s laughter, the smile of a friend when we most need it, the silent flight of a butterfly – all of these things and more are the tiny miracles that help us get beyond the drudgery of yet another day.

When the world seems to be closing in, when our finances are at their worst, when we cannot see the forest for the trees – these are the times when we most need to take the time to reflect on the miracles we take for granted. It is also a time to open ourselves to the miracles that lie within us.

The seed of a redwood tree is about three times the size of a pin head. From this tiny beginning, the coast redwood grows to tower over all other trees in the world. It is not possible to stand in the presence of these magnificent trees without feeling a sense of awe and wonder.

Within each of us lies the seed of miracles. Like the giant redwoods, these seeds can grow into something greater than anything we have seen or done before. It is time to feel that same sense of awe and wonder for all of what we are and what we can be.

Take time to reflect on miracles. Take a moment now to take a deep breath, open your eyes to the miracles around you – and the miracles that lie within you. Breathe in the wonder of being alive and allow yourself to become the “miracle” you were created to be.

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Judi Moreo is the author of the award winning book, “You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power” as well as its companion, Achievement Journal. She is a Certified Speaking Professional who has spoken in 28 countries around the world. Less than 10% of the speakers in the world hold this highly respected earned designation. To contact Judi or book her for a speaking engagement, contact Turning Point International, (702) 896-2228 or judi@judimoreo.com.