While watching television recently, T. L. Osborn and his wife, Daisy, came on telling about a mother who had brought her little boy to one of their healing crusades, somewhere in India, I believe.

Anyway, the little boy had no eyes. Not even sockets. Nothing.

But the mother believed that our Lord could change that.

The mother began saying that she could see little pea-like bulges, then little slits, and when others looked closer they could see them also.

It wasn't long until the boy began seeing things through those slits, even though he still had only the beginnings of eye sockets, until at last he could see well.

Everyone thought that that was the end of the story. It wasn't.

The next day a crowd gathered outside the hotel room of the Osborns with much commotion, and someone told them that that same woman and her little boy were there and to come and see.

The little boy had eyes wide open, bright blue and beautiful as any they had ever seen!

To those who dispute that miracles still happen today, please show me in the Bible where the cut-off date was... and then explain to me the who, why, and how of that little boy's eyes.

To those who say that faith healing is mass hypnotism or hysteria, how do you explain that little boy's eyes becoming normal?

Miracles happen every day around us-small, quiet miracles that no one hears about. I know. They've happened to me... and to my husband.

I have had a few healings... he has had many.

Then, again, he was reared to believe in miracles. I was not. He's been a Christian all his life. I was not baptized into Christianity until 1989.

If you need a miracle of healing, you first have to believe that the Lord desires that your healing be manifested... whom did he ever turn down? Then you have to believe that the Lord is able to make it manifest... He's God, after all, isn't he? He made everything, didn't He? If He made you, He certainly knows how to restore you good as new, doesn't He?

Finally, you have to accept the fact that He has already paid the price for your healing... and that it already has taken place in the spiritual dimension... all you have to do is to reach out and accept it... receive it today in Jesus' Name.

And you must do that by walking by faith, not by sight. You have to speak of it as already having been accomplished, as it has indeed in the spiritual realm. Remember: Faith does not deny fact; faith changes fact. Faith is activated by the spoken Word. The Lord spoke everything into existence. And He gave us the authority to do the same!

Out of the mouth speaks the abundance of the heart. At the heart of man is what he believes. So if you really and truly believe that God is willing, able, and already has accomplished your healing, start speaking that belief out of your heart through your mouth. Faith comes by hearing. And when you speak and hear yourself speak, that is just one more way to receive confirmation of your faith.

To walk on water, you first have to get out of the boat!

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