Journals of different kinds which discuss the latest issues in the particular the discipline are playing a vital role in disseminating the information. These are not only helping to spread the awareness about the subject but also contributing to the expansion of the disciplines. Medical Sciences is fast expanding in the recent times. Many a new diagnosis and treatment methods are being discovered every day using the latest technological innovations in different fields. Medical research journals and medical magazines are carrying the developments to doctors and people all over the world.
Intro open-access medical journals
Publishing subjected to a great deal of change for the internet spread and affordable mobile and tablet devices to read on. Online publications are read more than the conventional publications these days. In the light of these developments, many online medical journals emerged in the recent past. The online medical journals are mostly free. These are open access journals meaning free to access for all without any barrier. Many free online medical journals have sprouted in a short span rendering the very idea of online publications doubtful. Also, the open access journals couldn’t reasonably convince about their business model making people still skeptical about them.
The issues and concerns of open access medical journals
Indexing Problems
People believe that article published online wouldn’t get indexed, depriving them of many advantages. But that’s not true, Online Journal and publishing in them get indexed properly. The indexed journals are considered to be of high quality. The medical journal indexing has been an issue for some time but all have been sorted out.
Author’s Copyrights
Will publishing the articles and research findings in free medical journals online guarantee the copyrights for authors? It is another question many people are bothered about. But it there is no truth in it. As online journals and articles are duly indexed the author’s copyright are n way harmed forget about being taken away. In fact, since the online open access journals have more reach publications could get wider reach thus better citations leading to fortify the rights.
No Review and No Impact
Also, it is believed the publishing online is easy, pay the publication fees and your work gets published. No, submitting to open access journal, even after paying the due fees doesn’t ensure that it gets published. It undergoes a stringent process like all other articles publishing. Particularly, the peer review ensures that the articles are duly assessed in the right way. As these are reviewed, the publications also carry high-impact.

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