Enjoying a designation which is highly paid and respected in occupational sector has been common desire of aspirants. Most of the individuals attain their career objective while others are not able to do so. In the latter case, there might be various reasons which can hamper the progress of budding professionals. In this article, few of these issues will be discussed and tips to overcome them would be mentioned too. To start with, people who are fresh graduates and have no work experience might feel discouraged because of rising competition. On a contrary, employers are currently changing their recruiting policies and many of them invite even entry level candidates.

This serves as a fair opportunity for users as the fresh graduates need not toil hard to get employed. ‘Entry level’ is a technical term which has been used by employers to denote the category of applicants who do not actually possess experience. Basically, the aspirants under this group look for easier way to crack first naukri to initiate their career rightly. All those readers who are not aware about the term, naukri, it is worth noticing that local residents of India use it to specify job. Coming back to the main theme of the article, there are many budding professionals who do not know about resume writing skills and thereby, stay behind in the race of career building.

In such circumstances, they should bear in mind that their skills need to be represented before recruiter to stand chances of getting selected for job profile. To be precise, these job-seekers are recommended to maintain freshers’ resume which determines their career objective and sums up entire set of skill possessed by them. However, they must focus on the latest format of profile to be compiled in resume for offering an appealing touch to it. Secondly, several newbie candidates get carried away by the rumors spread by few people. These rumors are nothing, but, the myths related to resume writing, shaping career and so-called shortcuts to achieve success. Consequently, freshers tend to get confused about the right strategies to be followed in order to crack appropriate job and thereafter, their mode of job application gets faulty.

On the other hand, lack of resources acts as an interrupting component those give a setback to the users in planning their strategies of job-seeking. Practically speaking, this situation may sometimes prove to be a major hurdle in their way because they are unable to identify job recommendations or alerts on time. For instance, there are various instances, when people strive to get employed by merely registering on single job portal or submit their resume to employment exchange. It results in generation of low paced output and the employment prospects may be served partially. Therefore, the aspirants under this group receive local search results and seeking jobs in Hyderabad(http://www.naukrinews.com/naukri/jobs_hyderabad.aspx) or any other city does not get included in the list. Lastly, it is apparent that if the incorrect attempts of finding jobs are rectified timely, the suggestions related to recruitment multiply significantly.

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Neelam Kumari is an experienced job counselor with keen interest in writing. At present, she is spreading her experience by writing articles on topic related to fresher resume, first naukri (http://www.naukrinews.com/)and others.