You get confused when you miss your regular period and also test negative for pregnancy. This is a very common incident in women , though some are well informed about this fact and while others get anxiety due to this. So, what is “missed period”? Well, if you are not getting your menstrual flow even after 6 weeks from the last day of your period or you may have skipped your monthly period then we call it “missed period”.
You might have thought you’re pregnant that’s why you are not getting periods, but, after testing negative you will think what is going wrong? Why am I not getting periods even after testing negative for pregnancy. But, sometimes you go for tests too early, that’s why you don't get positive results for that reason.

Anyway , there are several reasons which may lead you to miss a period and be negative for the pregnancy test. Let us discuss what are they -

Changes in weight - drastic change in weight in a shorter time period may lead to huge hormonal imbalances. These imbalances further result in missed periods, but it can be recovered eventually.
Stress - Intense stress or stress for prolonged time may lead to stop ovulation as severe stress can affect the part of the brain that regulates reproductive hormones. Once this stress goes off the menstrual cycle will come back to its normal functioning.
Excessive exercise - sometimes women get skipped menstruation due to heavy exercises and workouts , especially those who are on a low calorie diet or low body weight . This is called exercise associated amenorrhea.
Producing too much prolactin - production of high level of prolactin hormone is responsible for not getting periods. Lactating mothers have high prolactin level that's why they don’t get periods in their pregnancy.
Thyroid abnormalities - the thyroid is a gland that produces hormones to control the body's metabolism. Either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism both can affect the menstrual health of the women. Deviation from normal thyroid level may alter in menstrual cycle.
Polycystic ovarian syndrome - people with PCOS have alterations in their hormonal level that affect their menstrual health. Ovarian cysts are responsible for not getting periods sometimes.
Bulimia nervosa / anorexia - these are some eating disorders which may lead to missed periods. Specially, bulimia anorexia is much responsible for missed periods as it causes severe weight loss whereas bulimia nervosa may also lead to missed periods.
Perimenopause - People who are transitioning into the menopause are in perimenopause phase. In the perimenopause phase people experience missed periods. This is a very common symptom of the perimenopause phase.[2]

Test error
False negatives can also be seen due to test error. If you are testing pregnancy at home with a pregnancy kit , then chances are there to get inaccurate results . or testing too early or too late also deviates the desired result. You should follow all the instructions as directed otherwise you may end up getting errors in your test. Mishandling of test samples or improper storage of test samples may result in test error. So, you are advised to maintain safety of your test sample.[1]

How to deal with this missed period while you are testing negative?
Pregnancy tests results are not always true as they show. Because sometimes you test too early that it requires recheck. Or HCG level of the body does not seem to be sound that's why it's not showing any symptoms. Or maybe you’re ovulating lately or you have drunk excessive water. Whatever the reason maybe, you should not panic. You should visit a doctor and take consultation. He / she may advise you for some diagnostic test , which you should abide by. And after getting consultation you should take further steps.[1]

When to Call Your Doctor
If you are not getting a period for more than two weeks or more from the expected date of arrival of menstruation as per last period, then go to your nearby clinic and consult a gynaecologist and get a check-up for yourself. Your Gynaeclogist may ask for blood tests, urine tests or other diagnostic tests.
If you are frequently irregular with menstrual flow then you should tell this to your doctor about your menstrual irregularity, when they think it will come . Most of the gynaecologists would like to induce menstruation if you go more than two or three months without menstruating. Aslo , if you see that your periods used to be regular while nowadays it became irregular or after stopped using birth control pills your periods became irregular then it is a matter of concern and you immediately consult a gynaecologist because irregular periods are a sign of infertility.
Try to reach out to your nearer healthcare provider as early as possible as little delay can complicate the situation. Missed period should not be ignored as there may be various underlying other diseases which can lead you to a serious health hazard.[1]
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