It can be pretty hard for a student who has no experience in taking part in an international conference in UK, in Europe, or anywhere in the world, for that matter, in 2020, to discover what his/her objectives for taking part in the event should be. The below-listed points are intended to shed light on what a student should exactly think about and contemplate before he/she decides to enroll for an event and take part in, in order to be able to gain the most out of the event.

● Raising Awareness Of Your Research Work & Outcomes

One of the primary aims of a scholar or student looking to gain the most from their conference experience is to make use of the opportunities that are made available at such events to present one's research work and findings in front of an audience of reputable and prominent individuals from their field. Delivering a world-class presentation in front of such people can open the door to-
○ career opportunities,
○ possibilities to learn more,
○ acquiring critical funding to carry out further research work, etc.

● To Gain Cross-Discipline Exposure

A great advantage for a student to gain over other fellow scholars and academics is to gain expertise on topics other than his/her own specific field. This will help in prominent people from your field identifying you as someone who is truly knowledgeable and cares about their work. The best way to do this at the next conference in Europe that you take part in is to, find out which event in your field has sessions that are external to your field of study. This way you will be able to gain knowledge that is external to your specific field but also relevant to certain aspects of it.

● Meeting & Engaging With Other Students, Peers & Prominent Personalities

Getting to meet other students at a conference who share the same interests as you can prove to be quite inspiring. In addition, engaging with experts and prominent individuals from your field can also be tremendously enlightening. This is the key to networking and forming relationships as well as associations and partnerships that will prove to be useful at some point in time or another in the course of a student's career.

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