We all know that having an amazing stall at the exhibition can help us have outstanding experience and outcome at the event. However, many a times it happens that while finalizing exhibition booth design, exhibitors do not stick to the basics of designing and in the process they end up committing mistakes that they regret later. Well, in this post we are sharing with the most common mistakes that most exhibits do while they get their booth designed. It is just an initiative to help you avoid those mistakes and help you have a beautiful exhibition booth.

Here we go…..

The First Mistake
The first and foremost mistake that most exhibiting companies make is - they do not do their own research to find out what is going to make an effective stall that will help them reach their goals. More often than not, they think that it is entirely the job of professional designer company or the exhibitions company; however, for the best results it is important for the exhibiting company to have a strong inputs as well.

Because no one else but the individuals working in the company can only tell better about the company. If the exhibiting company won’t contribute to the creation of the booth, the design that will be produced will only be a design without any objective or purpose. And the truth is that if the stand is not able to achieve the desired goals there is no point in participating and spending a lot of money in participation.

Therefore, it is important that the exhibiting company looks carefully into what they want to achieve from the event they are participating in. Also, it needs to brainstorm ideas that they would want to integrate into their exhibition booth design – then only the professional designers would be able to help them and deliver exactly what they want.

The Second Mistake
Another mistake that is committed often by exhibiting companies is – adopting others ideas completely. Believe it or not, it’s not a mistake it is in fact, a professional suicide. Yes, you cannot literally copy something. Of course, many a times it happens, that exhibiting companies like somebody else’s design so much and in the process they just integrate the same things in their design too. Boss, you need to understand that the message that you want to relay to your audience and your goal is absolutely different from the one you are copying the design from.

Go for something unique and that unique can come from your side only, not from copying others’ design and getting it installed at the exhibition. You will simply confuse your audience and nothing else. Hence, it is important to brainstorm some ideas before you finally decide to hire a professional designer.

The Third Mistake
Ignoring companies message and color scheme, in order to make their exhibition booth stall, most companies ignore their own brand message and other details. They get too busy in making their stall stylish and high tech that they forget their own objective. Exhibiting companies should never forget that when they participate in any exhibition or trade show or event, they do it for their branding, promotion, increased sales and a number of other reasons. Hence, it is important that they focus on the color scheme and brand message compulsorily. Having a stylish, and expensive design won’t serve the purpose, a simple design with vivid message will surely do.
Of course, looks are important and they certainly fascinate and attract the attention of visitors at an exhibition, but it is important that your stall has substance to it. It will not only be visually impressive, but also it will have great functionality.

The Fourth Mistake
The fourth and final mistake that most exhibiting companies commit while creating their booth is – believing that only having a designer and stylish booth will serve the purpose. Your booth is just a part of a huge exhibition. Your presence is very important for networking with your potential customers and clients directly. Also, who you man at the event matters. Your staff should be skilled enough to answer any queries related to the products when a visitor comes up. 
Believe it or not, today businesses are run on relationships, simply being present at an exhibition is a great way to build relationships and win over new customers. So, make sure you are there at the stall along with other staff members. It will help you build relationships and network with people who are important for your business.

To conclude…..
Choosing a great design for your exhibition stall is just a part of any success, you need to avoid doing all the mistakes mentioned above in order to have a huge success at the exhibition.  Also, make sure you hire only quality exhibitions booth design company that will not only help you create the best design for your stand, but also help you focus on what you exactly want to get from the whole experience.

Author's Bio: 

With a vast experience in exhibition stall design and fabrication services, Pooja Mandhiratta is a team lead, key accounts at Panache-Worldwide.com. She holds an expertise in Sales & Marketing, Business Operations and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Website: https://www.panache-worldwide.com/