Window cleaning needs to be done once in a while if you have a home in Glen Iris and you can find many reputed companies providing the cleaning services at an affordable price in this area.

However, if you want to clean the windows by yourself, you can make many mistakes most of which are common. But if you hire professionals for the job, they will never make these mistakes. So, let us see what they are and the professionals avoid them.

Usage of wrong equipment

Professionals providing the residential window cleaning service near Glen Iris will always use the correct tools for the job. They will never use paper towels or newspapers as these can cause partial damage to the windows. If you use this, you might notice coloured residue from the newspaper on the windows.

Though the paper towels do not leave any residue, they might leave some strands of paper on the glass. So, the professionals always use a cloth that is lint-free along with a squeegee. With this, you can expect no residue or paper strands from the towels.

Cleaning the dust in one go

In a DIY cleaning session, an amateur might try to clean the bigger particles of dust as well as the smaller ones in one go. This is a mistake as the bigger particles of dust are difficult to remove.

So, the professionals avoid this mistake by planning more than one cleaning session when it comes to very dirty windows. In the first session, they clean the bigger dust particles since they are difficult to remove, and after that, they clean the smaller ones.

If one tries to clean everything in one go, he or she may end up with smudged window panes.

Going too hard on the windows

While cleaning windows if you go too hard on the glass to remove dirt or stains, you might cause permanent scratch marks. And professionals providing residential window cleaner in Glen Iris will always avoid this mistake as they will never use a scraper of a blade in these situations. They will rather apply specialized cleaning solutions to remove dirt and dust that are otherwise hard to remove.

The professionals have their manuals that comprise a list of cleaning agents as well as equipment to remove dust or stains that are hard to remove. The professionals always follow this list so that they can effectively make the windows clean.

Applying the wrong cleaning agent

This is another mistake that professionals always avoid.

Amateurs with little or no experience in cleaning tend to use the wrong cleaning agents most of the time that can leave residue on the window glass whereas the professionals have full knowledge of all the cleaning agents in the market and hence use only those agents that are developed for window cleaning.

Therefore, if you are into DIY, make sure that you are using the proper window cleaning agent to avoid damage to the window glass.

Lastly, if you take a look at these mistakes, you can understand that hiring a residential window cleaning service near Glen Iris is the best solution.

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The author is a residential window cleaner in Glen Iris who publishes blogs based on a variety of topics related to window cleaning weekly.