Homeowners need to be extremely careful when thinking about air conditioner installation but especially if they are going to replace their home’s air conditioner. The truth is that all air conditioners are not created equal; you want to avoid making any hasty decision when making a purchasing decision because you don’t want to live regretting wasting your hard earned cash. Preparation and research are essential if you are going to make a successful air conditioner installation; there are many companies offering different varieties of products at different budget levels. There is no harm asking for advice from friends and neighbors so as to avoid making common mistakes made by many homeowners.

The wrong size of HVAC unit: It is an open secret that most people who do the air conditioner installation to replace obsolete ones almost always end up with the wrong size. The results are usually spending money on unnecessarily high power bills, damaged equipment, a buildup of mold in the ductworks and uncomfortable living conditions. It is important to ensure that you have the correct estimate from a reputable AC installation contractor who will inspect your home before giving you the correct specifications.

Big discounts and phony offers: There are companies that offer large discounts when in truth they are just cutting corners to get clients whey they actually have two prices. The costs associated with purchasing and air conditioner installation are high and, as a result, you want to b ensure that you are not buying second rate equipment; ask the seller to give you a step by step explanation of how the installation will be done.

Convenience: The days when people had to wait for days on end while their air conditioner installation was taking place are long gone. There are a number of unscrupulous companies that hire high school dropouts and other inexperienced people to do the installation. Since these people are not specialized AC installation experts, they may not know the system well and will cause the delays in completing the work; there should be a clear agreement on the estimated time of completion and a penalty if they don’t complete the work on time.

Untrustworthy Contractors: According to research, many homeowners are not comfortable with the air conditioner installation contractors they choose. You can avoid this problem by ensuring that you check the contractor’s status with the Better Business Bureau and whether they have the right kind of insurance so that you are covered in case of anything wrong happening during the installation.

No written guarantee: Always ensure that the ac repair service expert you choose can give a written guarantee; they should be willing to stand behind their products and services with a no-question asked 100% guarantee.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for KAC Express. The company is a full service AC contractor located in Houston, Texas specializing in ac repair service and installation. The company also offers services for indoor air quality improvement and helps home owners and business with energy saving measures.