Moving day is a daunting task for homeowners and families. With so much furniture to lift and things to watch out for, you must get a professional to help you safely carry your items and secure them to your new place.

Professional furniture removalists are specialists in lifting your pieces of furniture carefully and helping you move items from one place to another. In this article, we will cover the basic things you must prepare to avoid making mistakes when working with a professional furniture removalist. See them all below and get packing!

Booking at The Last Minute

When booking for professional furniture removals, the most common mistake you might make is to book them at the last minute. If you do this, you might be left blindsided by their operating costs and may have to spend more than expected.

Especially if you do this on weekends, weekends are the peak days of moving and packing for professional removalists, and they often charge extra. So if you have a tight budget for moving essentials, research and book in advance to prepare for the payments ahead of time.

Not Comparing Prices

Professional removalists are not the same; sometimes, their costs vary depending on their expertise and the kinds of furniture that they need to transfer. Getting written estimates and comparing prices ensures the best deal for your packing day and high-quality removalist service.

Moving During Weekends

Many people make the common mistake of booking or scheduling moving days on weekends and holidays, the peak days for furniture removalists. When you book on high-demand days, companies often charge you extra fees.

Instead, schedule ahead of time during weekdays to enjoy lower fees and be able to book at your preferred time rather than adjusting to the removalist’s time. If you can't get an off-peak schedule for your moving day, compare prices to different removalist companies and what suits your budget.

Overloading The Boxes

We tend to believe that we have few items in our home, but because most of us like to store items and only use them for a few days, we forget the number of items we need to move until we try to fit them in our boxes.

Be careful when loading your items with boxes; you want to ensure you fill them well, but not too much so that you can’t close them up properly. As you and removalists transfer boxes from one place to another, you don’t want your boxes teared up during transfers and get your items slowly leaking out or incur potential injuries from lifting such boxes.

So when you’re packing your boxes, if you notice that your box has distorted a bit after closing it, it means that your box is overloaded, and you need to transfer some things to another box.

Not Keeping a Checklist

While a removalist will transfer and lift the boxes you’ve prepared, you should keep a small checklist or tracking paper of the items you’ve packed as they are being moved in case of sudden damages or missing objects in transit. Aside from labeling them, check each box and item to double-check their conditions.

With a good checklist, you can prepare ahead and have a smoother transition and working relationship with professionals.

Not Having a Personal Moving Bag

It is almost impossible to pack everything at once, and there are objects you need to be with you at all times, like important documents, keys, essential items, and personal belongings.

Getting a personal bag to keep such items close to yourself is essential. Sometimes, you might need to spend the first night without your furniture, so you need something that stores your essentials until the removalists are in your new home.

As a guide, your moving bag should contain extra clothing, chargers, medicines, toiletries and personal devices, and jewelry.

Not Labeling Your Boxes

A big mistake you can make is not to label your boxes. Removalists are specialists in handling even the most fragile items, but they must first know which boxes are fragile and which are not. This creates confusion between removalists and yourself, as you don’t know which boxes need extra care and which to prioritize.

Aside from that, removalists work in an organized system of packing and sorting objects, so if you label your boxes before moving day, the process will be much smoother, and your items will be protected well.

Final Note:

Packing your furniture on a moving day is not a process everyone enjoys. It takes careful checking, measuring furniture, and proper labeling to have a smoother transition and working relationship with your professional removalists.

With these tips above, you can avoid the common mistake most homeowners commit, from booking services to preparation. Start packing today and use our tips for an excellent moving day experience with your professional furniture removalists.

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