We all know to survive in the cutthroat competitive digital world, a startup needs to have a million-dollar app idea. Still, most startups often ignore how they need to execute the idea?
Mobile applications are one of the most significant tools for companies in today’s time. From sales and marketing to reaching to the target audience, a top-notch full fledge mobile application can help your startup achieve success. To launch a mobile application that can achieve success in the market, it is significant to adhere to what skills developers need to have in the mobile app development process.

According to the Clutch report, it showcases 42% of small scale companies have developed a mobile application. The number is rapidly increasing, since the mobile application helps companies in dealing with customers’ services, and thus, it is one reason for startups to invest in mobile applications.

Well, with the emergence of smartphones, mobile applications have simplified many human tasks. According to a recent survey report, people are accessing 90% of web through their smartphones. Moreover, it is believed that the number is exploding.
Keeping in mind the facts and figures, it is significant to say that mobile applications play a significant role in the current market scenario as it stays connected with users for a long time.
This raises the question, how can you develop an ideal mobile application? The answer is quite simple is to hire a skilled mobile app development team.
There are literally thousands of mobile app development companies available, choosing one is a laborious task. Therefore, companies do face trouble while hiring the app development company. So let’s talk about some common errors companies do while looking for a mobile app development company:

1. Avoid Verifying the Credentials of the Development Company

The first and most common errors companies do while hiring mobile app developers are to verifying their profile before hiring them. To understand the clear picture of the company, it is important to look at their previous record of the company. Who were their clients? How many projects they have completed? Do they follow government rules? Do they follow privacy policy norms?
Check out the application they have developed and test the application’s UI. With this verification and evaluation, you can easily understand their methods of doing work. You can decide whether or not they are suitable for your company.

2. Choosing Development Cost over Quality of Services

The priority of companies is to hire app developers at a cheap price. But soon they realize it is a blunder because of the lack of developers. For many small-scale companies, the development cost plays a vital role and their biggest concern, and they usually did the mistake of opting for low-cost developers with weak programming skills.
Considering the fact that there are thousands of applications are available on Play Store and App Store. Releasing a poorly designed application doesn’t make sense. The optimal decision is to release an application with the minimum viable product by signing top-skilled mobile app developers that understand the market trends and able to execute your business into amazing solutions included with amazing features.
Sometimes a simple UI application can hit the market if they fulfill the void and have amazing features and functionalities that people are looking for.

3. By-Passing Technical Discussion with Developers

Just because your friends are happy with a team of programmers, it doesn’t mean that they are suitable for your business as well. Many companies do this mistake, they hire developers without testing their technical skills or without having a proper discussion.
Since each company has its own requirement, hence, it is significant for companies to interview developers and designers and have a technical discussion with them to know their weaknesses and strengths.

4. Hiring Team Lack of Market Experience

Another mistake that companies make is to signing developers which don’t have prior experience in your niche. You should always ignore developers who don’t understand your business. With a lack of knowledge about your company’s niche, he can’t develop a product which satisfies your customers’ needs.
Therefore, it is important to hire a programmer who has prior experience in developing your business niche application, understand the market trends in your industry. Thus, he can integrate the top-notch features. Signing the developers with advanced skills can help your business to achieve new heights.

5. Overlooking the Product Life-cycle

While developing an application, developers need to follow a set pattern which ensures they can deliver product on-time. Thus, many companies hire developers without knowing their working styles and strategies.
If you want to develop a product which fills the market’s void, you need to look for developers that understand your business’s requirement. Their experience, skills, and knowledge related to the product will save hefty time and they can directly work towards the development process if they understand your idea.

6. Rush to Hire the Team

It is one of the businesses of the most common error made while signing a team of developers or app Development Company. The entire mobile app development is a complex process; it requires project manager, designers, developers, most businesses like to opt for companies coming on the search result and hire one of them. Hiring mobile app coders is one of the arduous tasks, as your company’s brand value is at stake. So make sure you opt for the best mobile app development company.

7. Lack of Cross-platform Knowledge

With the huge number of applications uploaded on the App Store, developing the application for any single platform isn’t a good idea. To reach the maximum number of people, it is important to hire a development team that can build a cross platform application with prominent technologies like Flutter, React, or Ionic.
No matter you want to build a web app, mobile application, make sure that the team of developers knows about developing cross-platform mobile applications.

8. Not Considering the App Security

No matter how many complex features you want to integrate into your mobile applications, it always includes users’ information which you can’t put at a risk.
While hiring a mobile app development company, look for a company that follows security norms and keeps your app idea safe, secure with them.

9. Overlooking the Gap between Skilled Developer and a Development Company

Collaborating with a well-skilled developer can be a wonderful choice, but mobile development company adds extra value to your project. Skilled developers along with project managers, quality analysts, designers, sales and marketing teams can make the entire development hassle-free.
So don’t get confused between a skilled developer and a development company.


Hiring mobile app developers for your application development is an intimidating task, but keeping all the above points, you can overcome the hurdles.
You can easily hire a mobile app development company by simply searching on the web and add a leading edge to your business.

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Rahul Mathur is the founder & Managing Director of Arka Softwares. Graduated from Harvard Business School, he is a driven leader and technology enthusiast who takes pleasure in helping modern startups and enterprises to grow with the help of future-ready IT solutions such as, next-gen mobile apps, web and marketing solutions, IoT, full stack development, Cloud, ewallet app development solutions, etc.