Everyone wants to live a better life and in the search of that, they even move to another country. One of the highly preferred and popular countries for immigration is - New Zealand and it has so many good reasons for that. First and foremost, the stable economy of this nation attracts many skilled migrants to come and significantly contribute to the growth of the country. In addition to this, scenic views, beautiful weather, high-quality lifestyle, world-class education, and healthcare facilities, etc. make this country a perfect place to move to. If immigration is in your mind and needs more information about skilled immigration category, then you can find and connect with a professional New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai for the right guidance and assistance.

Skilled Immigration Category
If you possess qualifications, experience, and/or skills that the job market of New Zealand wants, then you can apply for a resident visa under the category of skilled migrant or skilled immigration. It is a points-based category for immigration in which you get points based on several factors like your age, qualification level, work experience, the offer of skilled employment, etc. Additionally, you should be 55 years or below and meet the English language, character, and health requirements set by the country’s government.

How does it Work?
If you are thinking about how this system works, then you can do the following to check:

Self-Assessment: You can visit the official website of your New Zealand consultant in Dubai to check your eligibility for free by using the point’s calculator

Submit an EOI: Before anything, you will need to submit your Expression of Interest or EOI to state that you want to make New Zealand your home. However, you must note down the fees and offices related information to avoid issues later

Receive an ITA: When you have 160 points or you will be shortlisted from the pool of EOI, you may receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Submit the Resident Application: When you have an ITA, you will need to fill out and submit the form provided by the authorities. However, it is good to know about the fees and everything to keep unnecessary issues at bay• Receive Your Visa: When the authorities are satisfied with the details provided, they will issue your resident visa to live your dreams

Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid
While applying under the skilled migrant category, applicants often make the following mistakes that result in unnecessary delays and even rejection:

Unrecognized Qualifications: If you are claiming some points for your educational qualifications, then they have to be assessed by the NZQA or listed on the list of ‘Qualifications Exempt from Assessment’.

Incomparable Work Experience: If you are claiming for work experience points, then it should be in the same field as your educational background and job/job offer. In case, you do not have any offer in hand, then your previous experience should as per the labor market, in a profile having the long-term skills shortage.

Bonus Point Needs Not Met: To claim bonus points for work experience, you will need to fulfill the strict criteria set by the authorities on the ‘long-term skill shortage list’.

Closing Remarks
So, keep all these points in your mind to make the immigration process as easy as a pie. Additionally, it is advisable to have the best and experienced New Zealand consultant in Dubai as they will guide and assist you throughout the process and speed up everything. So, start exploring the options online and live your dreams without any hassle.

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Anirudh Sharma is Immigration adviser associated with MapleCan Visas is a most trusted and iccrc registered Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE guiding and assisting skilled and talented professionals so that they can move to their dream country i.e. Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Denmark, and Germany.