Breast cancer has immensely affected the women around the world. Screening for Breast cancer the UK has proved that this menace is still affecting the women even after launching many awareness campaigns regarding this disease. Another very painful reality about this disease is the aspect of misconceptions which has to be dispelled by creating awareness among the masses.

Misconceptions vs Reality:
Let’s have a glimpse of these misconceptions.
These misconceptions are actually related to the risk factors. These risk factors play an important role to give you a warning about your future. Those who really work seriously to reduce the risk factors can fight out breast cancer in the true sense but in order to accomplish this one has to be very much aware of the whole scenario.

1. Breast cancer occurs in women with a family History
It is said that breast cancer occurs in women who have a family history of this disease whereas the screening for breast cancer the UK and other sources have confirmed that only 10 percent women who have some family history of breast cancer get this disease. It is also said that 70 percent of the women who diagnosed with breast cancer have not been identified with any of the risk factors or the one which is unidentified. It is also the truth that the risk factor of family history has its own worth and your risks are high if someone in the near relatives has this disease and that too before the age of 50, automatically your risk of getting breast cancer increased. One has to be very much careful in this case. The proper diet and exercise can lessen your chances of getting this ailment. Do visit your doctor regularly for proper examination and time to time screening.

2. Plastic surgery triggers Breast Cancer
This is another misconception about breast cancer. According to evidence and researches, there is nothing to prove this statement and to build any connection between the surgeries and breast cancer. This is also the reality that in women who have some sort of surgeries in the past like breast implants need some additional support to get their breasts screened.

3. The use of Antiperspirant also triggers Breast Cancer
This is another myth about breast cancer. Parabens are used in many antiperspirants as preservatives and they are linked with the happening of breast cancer as they are said to increase the levels of estrogen in a woman’s body. There are no evidence and links for this misconception.

4. Women with small breasts are at low risk for getting Breast Cancer
Women with large breasts are said to have high risks of getting breast cancer than those who have small breasts but again it has nothing to do with the reality. Mammograms may become a bit difficult practice over large breasts but it doesn't mean to avoid such screening. Screening for breast cancer the UK has also seconded this opinion.

5. Breast cancer always appears in form of a Lump
Self-examination makes it easy to identify any lump in the breast and screening further categorized it in benign and malignant condition but not every lump can say to be the breast tumor. Apart from the lump, there are many other indications for breast cancer like swelling, changes in nipple etc.

One actually has to be very much open to the awareness and information but rely on the most authenticated one. Avoid the unnecessary details that are only confusing you.

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