Vinyl floors are great looking, quite expensive and a fave of many home owners. These are available in sheet or tile form and can be installed over the existing flooring. As these are available in sheets and tiles you can choose the best alternative depending upon your rooms. What's more, they form the best flooring for areas like kitchens which have floors covered with cabinets and appliances. You can cut the pieces and fit them perfectly in corners and uneven spaces as well. So if you are one of those having vinyl floors, knowing about their maintenance is much essential. Using the right vinyl floor cleaner is essential to keep it looking great and stain free. Remember that choosing a wrong floor cleaning solution can simply ruin its beauty and hence, your interiors. So here's more about the best vinyl floor cleaners that you can opt for.

Options in Vinyl Floor Cleaner

Water and Soap
If you are searching for a homemade vinyl floor cleaner, water remains the best option. Let me tell that cleaning vinyl tile floors regularly with water is enough to maintain their look. Simply clean them using a damp cloth daily and you need not opt for commercial cleaners. Cleaning the spills immediately with wet sponge is also helpful in keeping the surface in best condition.

In case you are not satisfied with the results achieved by cleaning the floor with water, opt for a mild soapy water. You can scrub the floor with a sponge dipped in mild soapy water and then finish by mopping the surface with a damp mop. This is definitely the best vinyl floor cleaner which you can try out.

Ammonia or Vinegar
Wondering how to clean vinyl floors using other homemade solutions. Here's the answer. You can clean the vinyl floors in bathrooms or kitchens using one of the various easy homemade floor cleaners. Ammonia when used with water makes a great cleaner for this flooring. So you can simply prepare a floor cleaner by adding half-cup of ammonia in a gallon of water and mop the floors with this solution. You can also try out the vinyl floor cleaner recipe which consists of vinegar.

Floor Strippers and Machines
Today there are a number of floor strippers available in the market that help get rid of wax built up on the surface. Often wax and varnish buildup forms a thick layer over the floor surface that gives it a dull and old appearance to the flooring. You can use a cleaning product like floor stripper or even buy/ rent a vinyl floor cleaner machine to have the surface cleaned thoroughly. The strippers give you a clean surface that will need to be finished with a clear stain or sealant. As the wax and varnish or sealant is off the surface after using the stripper or buffer machine, you will have to apply a coat of clear stain or sealant available in the market to restore the ultimate look of this surface.

While many suggest the use of bleach as a vinyl floor cleaner, it is best to avoid the same. Cleaning vinyl floors in one of the aforementioned ways regularly is the best way to keep them from getting extremely dirty. If you are unable to get rid of tough stains and need some strong solution, get the commercial vinyl floor cleaner available in various brands. You can check out the vinyl floor cleaner reviews to find out the best products in this category available in the market. While using a new cleaning solution, do try it on a surface that is not easily visible. This will ensure that the solution does not ruin the beauty of your rooms, in case, it leads to stains or yellowish spots. Though using a solution that is specially formulated for your floors won't lead to such a problem, it is best to take precautions. All the best!

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