Anyone who has an MLM downline struggles with the challenge of keeping their reps from quitting. It can often seem as though you're loosing reps out the back door quicker than you're able to sponsor them in the front door. What you need to understand is WHY your MLM downline keeps leaving you. To fully appreciate this you first need to know that there are 2 basic ways to build an MLM downlinein the first place.

MLM Downline Builder Strategy #1: Recruit, Recruit, Recruit

A lot of network marketers use this approach because if you're good at closing, and your mlm company offers an attractive recruiting program, you can make some really quick bucks this way. You just have to spend your days constantly finding and signing up new reps to your MLM downline. The big drawback to this approach, however, is that because you're ignoring your team, they end up leaving shortly after joining because they're not able to build their own MLM downline.

MLM Downline Builder Strategy #2: Recruit, Train, Retain

Using this approach to building your MLM downline, you find good people and recruit them into your organization. You then spend time training them how to find good people and recruit them into their organization and so on and so on. Notice the difference with this strategy. You spend a lot of your time working with your MLM downlinehelping them recruit and train others. The reason this is a much more effective approach is because now your MLM downline is actively building a business as well. They're making money too; not just sitting there wondering what to do now and why you won't return their phone calls. That sounds pretty simple, right? But of course it's much easier said than done. What can you do to help ensure that your MLM downline can succeed?

Top 3 Reasons Your Reps Keep Leaving You

Here's a list of the top 3 reasons your reps keep leaving you and what you can do to stop it.

Problem #1: A Lack of Leads Solution: Teach Them How to Generate Their Own Leads

Simply put, your MLM downline can't find enough quality people to talk to. After they run through their warm market - which typically takes around 30 - 90 days, they don't know what to do next. A new rep will usually start doing things like putting flyers on cars, handing out business cards to strangers in the mall or grocery store or cold calling opportunity leads. The result, 99% of them will struggle, get frustrated and quit. Teach them how to generate their own leads and you'll help them avoid this pitfall.

Problem #2: A Lack of Working Capital Solution: Teach Them How to Use a Funded Proposal System

Your new rep will be spending money from the time they start their business and they will often spend themselves out of business before they even get going. You can help them solve this financing problem by teaching them how to use a funded proposal system such as My Lead System Pro or other affiliate program to generate the funds needed to get their MLM business off the ground. By utilizing a funded proposal system, you can show them how to create a steady stream of working capital to fund their marketing efforts.

Problem #3: They Feel Mismanaged Solution: Be the Leader They Need You to Be

You can get the other 2 things perfectly right, but if you fail to treat your MLM downlinewith respect and appreciation, they'll leave you for someone who will. Step up and be the leader of your team. Recognize, acknowledge, and thank your MLM downline reps for their efforts and accomplishments and they'll be much more likely to stay with you. This is especially true of the ones who produce results and are likely being recruited by other network marketers. Remember, you don't have to be the top recruiter in your primary MLM company. Instead focus on retention, growth and development and you'll greatly reduce the rate at which your MLM downline is leaving you.

Mary and Dean R Black

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Mary and Dean R Black are network marketers living in Atlanta Georgia. After years of struggle we finally found the solution that will take you to the top in your business. For more information on network marketing training and tips please visit our website at MLM Success