I read each list that comes along. I'm always checking to see how so-and-so's list of 10 proposals compares to another so-and-so's list. This love of lists is not something extraordinary. In reality many of us love lists. Lists catch our attention and make us need to read or listen further. Mull it over. The hundred Top Singles of the Year. 7 Habits of highly effective Lists. Even the ten Commandments. Use lists in your selling copy to enhance their efficacy.

Specific information makes our mouths water, metaphorically speaking. Now, if you let me know we're going to eat a sandwich for lunch, I may simply be mildly interested. But , if you let me know that it's a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on toasted Brownberry Bread with organic green lettuce, freshly picked tomatoes, and special turkey bacon, I may be right over even though I am routinely a vegetarian!

three. BE CLEAR
Many times this is simpler said than done. It is critical to step back and fish for an independent judgment of our copy to see if it is really clear for the reader. Sometimes we get so caught up in our love of the subject that we think folks know more than they do. I once had a teacher who forced us to write 7 one-page essays. He revealed that it was way better for us to know how to scribble one page clearly than to pen pages and pages of information that talked around the subject.

I think this is especially significant for our internet promotion ventures as it is too straightforward to focus on what is wrong with other firms and define ourselves by what we're not. We should target who we are and what we do and frame our outlines in the positive. We don't have to cut down everybody else's chance to be successful!

Copy in the present tense is always current. Using the present tense involves the reader TODAY.

welcoming simplicity does not necessarily mean being simple-minded. We are living in a hectic world on information overload. We don't need to add more confusion with promoting copy! Selling copy isn't the time to be cute with writing. If you need to try something different, write some poetry. The product or business is the key and the writing should be direct, simple and to-the- point so that it doesn't belittle the offer to hand.

of course, this is so plain that often we forget it. The demographic group we are targeting may change the slant of the promoting piece.

This is the key in internet promotion. Folks buy and people join an organization because they see it satisfying a need for THEM, not us. It is our job to find and explain that need . To achieve success, we must target the advantages of our product or organization. Our copy should be very YOU-oriented!

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