How To Get Over Your Fear of the Phone

So many people I talk to have a fear of the phone, here is a secret..I used to too. In this quick blog post I am going to share how I overcame my anxiety and how you can as well.

Whoa, Wait, Way Too Cool to Use the Phone!

Ray, I have the latest wordpress plugins, article spinners and I tweet, there is simply no reason for me to learn the phone, right?!? Wrong. You, well, have been lied to. You may have been sold a bill of goods from someone who has a large brand that used the phone to get where they are but no longer have to. If you are someone that desires success in network marketing but do not have a huge brand with people tripping over themselves to work with, read on..

You Can Build MLM Online or Offline But Not Without the Phone

It is true. When I was first starting out before my blog, brand or anyone knew who the heck I was, I used the phone to get 99% of my results. But I do recall a time where I was terrified of picking up the phone to call my warm market or to call strangers. It was until I made this shift that, once made, completely eliminated my fear of the phone, wanna know what it was?

I stopped trying to sell and instead just looked for who was open.

That was it. Instead of looking at my phone for 30 minutes with beads of sweat coming from everywhere, I decided to release my stress about my fear of the phone by just saying to myself, I am only looking for people that are open to having a better life. This little shift, from agitated salesman to open minded person finder completely released my anxiety and it actually made me more postured and powerful on the phone. And, check this out, my recruiting skyrocketed!

How You Can Use This Today

I want you to stare at your list of warm market contacts you have been meaning to call the last 6 months. Instead of thinking in your mind “how they will say no” or worry about what you will say if they ask about how much money you have made, just think to yourself, I am going to find out who is open. That is it. You are looking for people that are open and if they are open, send them a video to check out. When you eliminate the addiction to the outcome that you hope they say yes or you “know” they will say no, just look for who is open. I can guarantee you this, there are more people open than ever before in our history.

What do you mean by being open?

I look for people that are open to the following:

- Traveling More Around the World to exotic places
- Spending more time with loved ones
- Hanging around individuals that will root you on and believe in you
- Making more money to do the things you want to do in life
- Helping people reach their life goals and have gratitude to them for helping them

It is that simple, remove your anxiety by just looking for the people you already know and meet in the future that are open. Hope this helps =)

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