Over the last five years circuit training has taken the fitness world by storm. With the popularity of the UFC, many mixed martial arts fighters have incorporated mma circuit training into their regular training. The purpose of mma circuit training is to combine a number of exercises together to simulate the workload of a fight. This type of training is not only great for MMA fighters, but also athletes from other sports. Circuit training builds cardio and strength at the same time.

When setting up circuit training for mma it’s important to try and keep the time and rest the same as the fight. If you are a pro fighter I would recommend doing at least 3 five minute rounds. As the fight gets closer I would shoot for 4-5 five-minute rounds. If you are fighting for a championship then I would perform a circuit for 5-6 rounds. If you feel like your conditioning is better, experiment with shorter rest periods.

Here are some samples of some mma workouts.

Workout 1

Station 1 Box Jumps
Station 2 Tire flips
Station 3 Kettlebell swings
Station 4 Medicine ball crunch
Station 5 Hindu squats

Workout 2

Station 1 Shadowboxing
Station 2 Takedowns
Station 3 Armbar from the guard
Station 4 Thai Pads
Station 5 Sprawls

Workout 3

Station 1 Box jumps
Station 2 Takedowns
Station 3 Tire flips
Station 4 Thai Pads
Station 5 Kettlebell swings

Workout one is a basic mma workout. All of these exercises are designed to work the entire body using conventional and unconventional methods. Workout two uses martial arts. Boxing, jiu-jitsu, muay thai, and wrestling are all implemented into workout two. This would be a great end to a hard practice. I am a huge fan of circuit number two. Make sure that a fresh guy is in each round so you can truly push yourself. Each station is performed at 100%. Workout three is a mix between martial arts and strength exercises. I believe that this combination of exercises and fighting drills is the best conditioning for mixed martial arts. Nothing gets your heart rate up like box jumps then right into takedowns followed with some thai pad training.

MMA circuit training can be extremely difficult as well as fun. MMA training burns countless amounts of calories. Throw some circuit training on top of that and you have a recipe for fat loss. If your goal is to lean some self defense and get elevate your fitness level, MMA circuit training is right for you.

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Josh Rafferty
Professional MMA Fighter and Coach


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