MMA is quickly becoming the fastest growing sport in the world. A basic MMA workout routine can be extremely difficult as well as extremely demanding. MMA training requires a tremendous amount of conditioning and endurance. What makes MMA workout routines so challenging is training all aspects of combat. With so much time being spent on boxing, grappling, and strength training, it’s easy to over train.

Training for a fight can be a little confusing if you are new to the fight game. Most schools have the workouts broken down to specific skill training. Training should be organized and thought out before fight preparation. Dividing your work between striking practice, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu is a great start. When training for a MMA fight, fighters should try to train anywhere from 5-6 days per week. Training sessions should be between 90minutes to 120 minutes. As the fight becomes closer, workouts should be shorter and more intense.

Mixed martial arts training is very similar from team to team. As I said before, most MMA fighters train the same martial arts. MMA strength training workouts and conditioning are unique to each fighter. Everybody is different. Some fighters respond better to certain training programs as others would benefit from something completely different. I have been lucky enough to train with some great teams and coaches. In just about every MMA training center I have been to be different when it comes to conditioning.

After years of competing and coaching I have found that my fighters and myself respond the most to circuit training. This type of training allows the fighter to simulate the workload of fight while incorporating a number of exercises. Circuit training should be set up just like a fight. Three five-minute rounds with a one-minute break is a good place to start.

Here are a few basic MMA workout routines:


- Squat jumps 1 minute
- Shadowboxing 1 minute
- Leg raise 1 minute
- Hindu push up 1 minute
- Shadowboxing 1 minute


- Wall walks 1 minute
- Ground and pound drill on heavy bag 1 minute
- Box jumps 1 minute
- Wrestling 1 minute
- Thai pad drills 1 minute


- Power cleans 1 minute
- Versaclimber 1 minute
- Takedowns 1 minute
- Medice ball slams 1 minute
- Ground and pound 1 minute

MMA workouts can be challenging as well as exciting. The workouts above are just a few examples on how you can set up your own MMA workout routine. Workout number one is a basic workout using bodyweight exercises. This workout is a great beginners workout. Workout number two incorporates more specific fighting drills. Keep in mind that you can implement your favorite drills into each circuit. It is important to try and incorporate all ranges of fighting when designing your program. Workout number three is a little more advanced. In this circuit we use free weights and cardio equipment like the Versaclimber. Keep an open mind and have fun with these intense training sessions.

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Josh Rafferty
Professional MMA Fighter and Coach

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