Seriously, no one would be willing to do the job of controlling the logistics and transport all the time manually when a simple mobile app can do it. The Logistics and Transportation industry clearly needs a whole time monitoring which will be impossible to achieve without a mobile app. In case you are planning to develop a mobile app you are in the right place, we are here to guide you from the start till the end. You should be first aware of different features that are to be involved in building a mobile app for your Logistics and Transportation business. Here are some basic and common features involved in Logistics Mobile App Development process.

Customer Panel:
While designing a customer panel the customer should be able to feel the comfort in getting to know the nearby drivers, book the vehicle and track it. The customer should also be able to contact the driver in case of any requirement. Cancellation options and other options like online money payment should be involved in this. These are some features that are to be involved in a customer panel.
● Registration
● Select Vehicles
● Bookings
● Payments
● Rating and Reviews

Driver panel:
The diver should be able to see the location of the customers who selected him for the drive and get connected. The driver can contact him and should also be able to view the live sharing of the customer's location. These the features that need to in a driver panel.
● Register
● Manage requests
● Route and Navigation
● Bill approvals
● Payments

Admin Panel:
The admin should be able to manage all the functioning of the app and what is going among drivers and customers. The main thing to be taken care of is security in the admin panel. The admin should be able to send notifications and should manage the data about the vehicles. Here are some required features in the admin panel.
● Login
● Monitor Drivers
● Push notifications
● Invoice
● Vehicle management

These are the basic features of any Logistics and Transportation App Development requires. There are also some advanced features you can include.

In-App Chat: Communication is a must for any business. Proper communication with customers can bring good business to the company by having an in-built communicating feature in it helps the customers to reach you quickly.

Multilingual support: This feature helps the drivers and the users to communicate easily even if they are from a different region.

Driver Safety: It monitors the driver safety by tracking the directions, usage of the phone, the speed of the vehicle, Traffic in the particular area etc.

Cloud Operations: With the increasing users of such applications there is a lot of data that will need to be stored so instead of using traditional methods you can implements cloud operations in the app.

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