What do you think, which is the most important step in developing successful mobile app? App idea, design, framework or testing? According to the survey, it has been noticed that 58% of mobile apps fail in app stores because of poor performance resulting from improper testing. Generally users have no patience for apps that stuck or crash continuously. Imagine that, your app is getting lots of negative reviews and poor feedback. In such cases your app nearly dead in the market. Quality is necessary for success of an app and it cannot be achieved without continuous and thorough testing. Let us know the goals of mobile app testing-

Check that functionality works as specified
Ensure easy-to-support code as per standards
Detect bugs and fix them immediately
This results in seamless working app and satisfied users. Here we’ll see the various mobile app testing techniques.

Is Mobile Testing Different Than Desktop One?
Screen size of mobile devices are smaller than desktops and laptops
Generally mobile devices have less memory
Network connections are different for smartphones and computers
Not each tool for desktop app will work on a mobile app
On a desktop or a laptop, an app is tested on fewer machines. With mobile devices, you need many devices to test your product.
Mobile app testing needs lots of effort and generally beginners don’t know, from where to start. But not only beginners face issues about testing. Testing techniques for ios and android apps are similar but challenging too. Let us see the mobile app testing techniques.

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