A number of technology vendors provide mobile application development platform. However, before you choose one for your business, you must take a few considerations into account. First, the MADP should not be exclusively for web apps or native mobile apps. The platform that supports both Android and iOS application, which is always a better choice to ensure wider reach for your business. With a cross-platform MADP at your disposal, you can create a multi-platform mobile app rather than build separate apps for different mobile OS.

Besides, the ability to customize apps is also crucial considering the rapidly-changing preference of today’s consumers. Equally important is to check whether the mobile application development platform includes backend and middleware with authentication, push notification, storage, and other critical capabilities.

Low-Code Development Platform

Low-code development platforms, such as the one offered by HokuApps, are the latest advancements towards further easing custom mobile application development. Such a mobile application development platform contains pre-coded functions and tools that enable you to develop an app with minimal coding. This capability significantly reduces the time and cost of the entire app lifecycle management. Low-code platforms are therefore in high demand with the SMBs and the enterprises that are not primarily engaged in the technology business.

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Karl P is the Mobile App developer of HokuApps that helps to develop a mobile applications to startups and enterprises.