Our life is becoming digital now and our mobile devices are an important part of this digital ecosystem. Any of us use our mobile devices and applications in it to perform various small to bigger tasks. Let's take an example, if we want to check the today's temperature or we want to compare the insurance covers we are considering to opt for; whether we want to book a ticket for the latest movie or we want to book a cab for a ride; whether we want to pay the utility bill or we want to transfer funds to our colleague, the only thing we do most of the time is pulling out the mobile, operates on the relevant mobile app and here we go! The task is done. Just on our fingertips. This is what we have made a habit of in the past years. As the 2019 is halfway, we should take a look back to see what trends, we witnessed in the 2019 in the mobile application development industry.

Two Mobile Platforms Stole the Show

The first thing to be mentioned must be the name of the two most popular mobile app development platforms, which are ruling many mobile devices. Yes, it is: Android and iOS app development . There are billions of Smartphones out there with the different mobile platforms, but these two are most widely used. The android is popular due to a bunch of free apps and support features it offers. Whilst the Apple iOS gained so much popularity due to its exclusive features focused to cater the business class people.

UI and UX Became Important

The mobile application development industry is facing fierce competition. Thousands of applications of similar nature are getting launched. Here, it has been important to stay on top, which can be possible if and only if the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) is considered as an inherent part during the mobile app development. The days are gone, when you launch anything on the name of an app and people keep on using it as they don't have any other option. Now, they are having many choices. Thus, keeping their betterment in mind is/ will be the only available choice as a mobile developer.

Cloud Based Mobile App Development Commenced

The cloud based development is another big thing in the yesteryear, which paved its way in almost all industries and mobile application development is not an exception. Many development companies have started developing the cloud based mobile applications. Due to the features and flexibility it offers, we may expect it to take a big leap in the 2016.

Time of Wearable Has Initiated

Thanks to Apple and its launched watch as well as the Google glasses, the next big revolution we witnessed this past year was the wearable.

Security Concerns Increased

As per the prediction made by the Gartner the 75% of the mobile application will fail even the basic security checks. Here, the matter of fact is, these mobile apps are using very sensitive data of users. In the past year, data of big apps got hacked and more such incidents can create major problems. Thus, many mobile app development companies have started putting the security concerns at first priority and have devoted themselves to develop the secure mobile app for the users.

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