Over the years, the technological advances have made the organizations implement e-learning programs in their training process. E-learning programs are basically the web based learning programs which are embedded with audio visuals, graphics, a full tracking calendar, RSS feeds and several other interesting features. The advantage of the e-learning program is not limited to internet based coaching, but it helps in developing success strategies for the firms, human resource management and attainment of overall objective of the business firm. These comprehensive online courses have now been introduced in mobiles as well and mobile learning has become a popular trend in the industry now-a-days.

The motto of the online e-learning service providers is to create a flexible learning platform, specific for every organization. The critical issue of scalability also gets a viable solution with the e-learning. With well-planned learning programs, discussion forums and surveys and quizzes, learning has taken a leap over the traditional way of imparting knowledge. The e-learning process promotes interactive learning which makes learning a fun-filled activity and not a burden for the trainees.

Webinars, web conferencing and other hybrid learning tools are proving to be highly beneficial for the corporates. Moreover, the traditional way of training required a mentor or the moderator while online training goes pretty well without it. The training content can be accessed offline and only required a user name and a password. The user engagement has also seen a considerable improvement with collaborative learning. Exchange of views and ideas and a healthy discussion on the related topic has imbibed confidence in the employees, which acts as a fuel for the progress of the firm.

With the introduction of mobile learning, the e-learning service providers are now developing the content for the mobiles. The mobility and accessibility of the learning content increased further with mobiles. Moreover, another advantage of mobile learning is that it is embedded with the game based learning and the social learning. In the game based learning the user gets to learn the difficult things with the help of the games.

Social media is the most popular user engagement platform. The learner while enjoying with the friends in a virtual media can access the training material as well. From the given set of modules in a catalog, the user is required to choose the one which is beneficial for his profession. The user can rate and recommend the content of it proves to be beneficial for him.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management.His expertise includes interactive learning, mobile learning and other Learning & Development matters.