IBUonline is a B2B foreign trade platform, which is planning to move on mobile phones.

In china nowadays more and more people have their own mobile phones, which are generally used for calling other people or sending messages.

In fact, when internet service provider cooperated with mobile phone service provider, a new function satisfied many people’ needs because they can surf on the internet.

Furthermore, some banks also tapped mobile phone markets to offer mobile banking service.

For example in some first tier cities, people are not willing to carry IC card paying for buses or metro, they can open mobile IC card and swipe for traveling.

Foreign trade business is always between international buyers and domestic suppliers who should communicate repeatedly. In the past, when both parties are not online at the same time, they can not chat online or exchange ideas online. The only way is to sending emails and waiting for reply in the coming days.

E-business is based on internet, which has been operated on mobile phones, so e-business service providers will catch up closely with the trend to move the platform from computer to mobile phones.

Such move may need more security protection for surfing e-business websites on mobile phones, to protect account and the payment security.

E-business service providers should cooperated with mobile phones internet service provider to open or develop special software.

Now IBUonline is developing ezorder software to attract more attention from mobile phone users.

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IBU is more than an international business platform; we not only connect global buyers and suppliers, but also participate in the whole process of international trade, provide a series of practical services (off the platform) to greatly enhance the efficiency of global trade. Working with us, you can benefit from the real one-stop service for the first time.