Modafinil, discovered in the 1970s by Prof Michel Jouvet together with other researchers from Lofan Laborites in France is the world’s first safe smart drug. It is currently sold under different names such as Modalert that is manufactured by India’s Sun Pharma. However, the effectiveness of this amazing French drug has defied all the odds and stiff competition to remain the best. Even though it was initially meant to treat narcoleptic, work-shift sleepiness and apnea, Modafinil is currently used by different people for a myriad of reasons.

Reason for the Rising Demand:

Economic growth of any country or person is pegged on the ability to remain productive. The harsh economic times demand that you have to work longer hours to earn an extra coin. Students in colleges have to tackle complex tests and examinations to be allowed to proceed to the next levels. Long distance truck drivers have to remain focused on the roads for hours lest they cause avoidable accidents. There is need to boost everyone’s cognitive function, which can only be realized through proper brain health care. All this can only be realized if the right drug is taken for the right purpose. This is where Modalert comes in; a wakefulness drug that truly works, and scientific research supports this.

Scientific Research on the Effectiveness of Modafinil

When Prof. Michel Jouvet, a neurophysiology medicine professor discovered Modafinil, little did he expect that the drug will gain global acceptance. His main intention was to help patients of narcolepsy. Extreme exhaustion and sleep are major causes of low productivity at work. The European Neuropsychopharmacology journal, upon reviewing various studies conducted between 1990 and December 2014 published a review confirming that indeed the drug helps improve memory, attention, learning abilities among other cognitive functions.

Enhancement of brain’s cognitive function is not a new phenomenon, having been around for more than 100 years. Sigmund Freud, considered the father of psychoanalysis was an Australian neurologist who experimented the effect of cocaine way back in the late 1880s, lauding it for the buzz he experienced whenever used. However, such drugs and supplements are known to come with serious side effects to the users, unlike Modalert. To justify this, two Oxford University Researchers Anna Katherine Bren and Ruairidh Battleday in their literature review discovered that Modafinil was not addictive and lacked worrying side effects (this varies from one user to the other). Actually, more than 70% of past studies support these findings.

Use on Special Groups:

Even though the drug was meant to treat narcolepsy, work-shift sleepiness and apnea, doctors have found it fit to treat other conditions. Today, researchers are looking into the possibilities and effectiveness of using smart drugs on special groups such as:

i) Children and Teens:

Brain enhancers are not fit for use by children since they are not meant for developing brains. However, there have been a number of clinical trials that have established that Modafinil (Modalert) can be useful to children suffering from attention deficit or hyperactivity disorders (ADHD). However, these trials didn’t last for long and there is no clarity on the long time effects of using these drugs. Researchers from the Drexel University and the University of Delaware published a review article noting that using such drugs to developing brains can result in addiction and brain’s inability to effectively adapt to different situations. More research is therefore needed in this area.

ii) Persons with Lower IQs:

According to research, persons with average to low IQs can greatly benefit from cognitive-enhancing drugs such as Modafinil. In a paper published in 2014 by Oxford University researchers, there are proposals to restrict the prescription of smart drugs to individuals who truly need brain enhancement to address challenges related to abuse of these drugs.

iii) Seniors:

Older adults may not really benefit from Modafinil, at least according to some previous studies. But researchers are still exploring the possibilities of seniors using them to boost their cognitive abilities.

Prescription Only? Not Really.

The United States’ FDA approved the use of Modafinil in 1998 for the treatment of narcolepsy on prescription then in 2003 for the treatment of obstructive sleep and shift work sleep disorder. Other countries such as Canada, Australia and UK, among others have since approved it as a prescription drug. Considering the complex nature of getting a doctor’s prescription of any nature and the cost implication involved, Modalert is currently sold online by some e-pharmacies or third party websites without a prescription.

How to Buy Modalert Online:

Modafinil (Modalert) is the first safe nootropic and can be purchased online from various third-party websites or e-pharmacies. Modafinil is a prescription drug that is sold under different brand names in different countries. In the USA, for example, it is sold as Provigil. This technically renders Modalert illegal in the US. However, enforcement of such stringent laws has been a challenge in the past. It is also worsth noting that Modalert is way cheaper than Provigil even though they serve the same purpose. However, before you add it to the basket, there are a few things you should consider:

i. Strictly buy from reputable sellers: It doesn’t matter which web page you land on. Third party websites should direct you to the manufacturer’s or authorized seller’s site. Check and verify that indeed you are buying from the right website

ii. Don’t share any personal information such as bank details when filling online forms; not every site is genuine. Theft of credit card information has been on the rise; watch out.

iii. Be specific that it is Modalert you need and not any other version of Modafinil.

iv. Feel free to ask the seller questions on the cost, shipping details, dosage, and legality, among others. Don’t be swayed by the price; if the deal is too appealing, retrace your steps.

v. In as much as it is cumbersome and a bit expensive, seek your doctor’s prescription first, if possible.
It is also important to visit reputable customer review websites to find out more about the seller. Different users share their experiences online that can be useful to new buyers. You must never rush and buy from the first site that shows up in the search engines; take your time and conduct sufficient due diligence.


The demand for smart drugs is rising. Shift work sleep disorders are common. Narcolepsy is real and many people suffer from apnea. Students have to study to pass complex examinations and professionals have to prepare well enough to ace interviews if they are to grow professionally. As more research studies are conducted, there is more emphasis on safe usage of Modafinil (Modalert) to avoid possible side effects or risks of abuse.

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