One of the hardest aspects of insurance digital marketing is simply knowing which strategy to try. There is Facebook, email marketing, video, blogging, etc... and while it is hard enough trying to figure just one of these out, agents are being overwhelmed with the thought that they have to do it all.

Well, I am here to tell you that you do not have to do it all. Each insurance digital marketing strategy has its own unique use and therefore, you should only utilize the strategies that when used together will help you achieve your agency's goals. Just like that the Boca car insurance agencies are providing the car insurance facilities to the people of Boca so that they can drive their vehicles freely. In this post, we are going to break down each individual strategy and show you the uses, who should utilize it and discuss a common question for each.

How are things actually done?

One of the biggest reasons that insurance marketing misses the mark is because many agencies do not understand how the different pieces work together. So what happens is agencies get overwhelmed with everything they jump into and to make matter worse, none of the efforts work as expected.

However, once we look at the different efforts and their purposes we can better understand what strategies we should be using and which ones we shouldn't.

Social Media

Social media is a platform that allows people to communicate digitally. For business purposes, you can reach your followers in mass amounts but it also allows you to connect 1 on 1 with individuals. Insurance agents can use social media in a number of ways:
• Prospecting
• Creating targeted ads
• Push your message
• Create an ease of communication between your business and clients
• Customer service
• Direct Selling
• Branding

Social media is unique that within each of its platforms has a unique purpose, use, and audience. So, what will work on one platform may not perform as well on another. You must also compare your goals to how you utilize social media. For example, if you want to network and gain meaningful prospects, you must be willing to engage and connect with individuals with your personal account.

Email Marketing

Do not confuse email marketing with simply, emailing your clients. I believe many greatly underestimate the power of email marketing and leave it to a simple quarterly newsletter. Email marketing can have many applications. Here are some of the different ways you can utilize email marketing:
• Retention marketing
• Up-selling/bundling policies
• Selling to prospects

Email marketing is a great way to continually communicate with your prospects and customers without having to physically communicate with them on a consistent basis. If your goals have anything to do with increasing retention or increasing prospect to client rate, then they should probably think about email marketing. It is a way for you to continually "drip" a focused message to the specific set of individuals.


Blogging is long-form content that allows you to discuss and inform about different topics. Insurance agents can use blogging to answer questions their customers/prospects may have or to attract people on search engines who are searching for something specific. This is a long-term insurance marketing strategy that can be used in a couple different ways:
• Educational sales tool
• Engaging in SEO and niche marketing
• Lead generation

When done right, blogging is one of the best lead generation strategies and can produce leads at a very low cost. Blogs are also a great tool to be used in tandem with other marketing efforts to help move individuals through the sales process. If your goals are to generate more leads and/or increase your customer conversion rate, you may want to consider blogging. However, blogging also takes a great time commitment and takes time before it begins working. So if you are short staffed and drowning with work already, then you would need to make arrangements before you start blogging.

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