Everywhere in the world the wedding day is one of the most important days in the lives of any couple. For the men, it is a scary day that they have had the courage to face. For the ladies it is considered the most special day in their lives. This is a day for all of the attention to be placed squarely on the bride, with the groom just there to make sure everything goes right. Winnipeg wedding photographers specialize in recording all of the events of this special day.

While the wedding itself is considered the crowning event, Winnipeg wedding photographers realize that getting pictures of all of the activities while preparing for the wedding is very important. The bride will re-live how she felt as her mother and sisters or aunts and best friends help her get ready. With pictures of this group preparing exactly how the hair and makeup will be established.

There will be moments that show all of the moral support the bride needs and gets as the magical hour approaches. Capturing the expressions of the bride as she goes through this time will bring back the exact and specific moments for years to come.

Of course the Winnipeg wedding photographers capture all the beauty of the wedding itself. They will get a shot of the groom standing in front of the crowd anxiously awaiting that first glimpse of his bride in her wedding gown. The expression on the groom's face at that moment is one that will never come again.

Just imagine the picture with the flower girl in the front with the beautiful bride coming down the aisle on her father's arm. The Winnipeg wedding photographers know how to move quietly around during the actual ceremony to be able to get pictures of the bride, groom and minister as they go through their vows.

We mustn’t forget the pictures that the Winnipeg wedding photographers will get of the reception. They will make sure they get all of the guests in the pictures as well as the newly married couple moving through the party. Of course they will get the couple cutting the cake as well as the bride tossing the bouquet to the single ladies in attendance.

With their range of product offerings they will please even the most critical of clients and they are always willing to step outside the box to accommodate a request. If there is something you want, just ask and they will do their best to make it happen!

Quality work is important to everyone, and Winnipeg wedding photographers take this very seriously. They believe each image deserves a life of its own, so all of the images they deliver to clients will get their special touch. If you are uncomfortable in front of a camera Modern Pixel promise to develop a working relationship that makes you feel great. So great, that you can’t help but feel like you just hired a good friend.

You need the best on this special day and Winnipeg wedding photographers truly are the very best.

Wedding Photojournalists serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our work combines modern flare with divine style to create images that our clients will appreciate for years.

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