As the technology is growing faster and faster day by day so international companies are thinking about the mobile technology implementation. Internet is drastically changing itself with additional features and marketing app over it. So it is required to invest on mobile technology as the internet is growing very fast. Mobile users are increasing day by day and it will go on at continuous level. With the increment of number of mobile users the traffic also gets increases. The digital revolution in marketing app cannot be stopped directly and so that virtual world can be accessed on mobile phones also like in blackberry and I phones. Today every company is providing internet services and it is not on small scale it is done at large scale.

It is really simple to put mobile in pocket but not to put laptops or desktops. Mobile websites are going to be famous because of these some reasons also. This is the reason of having more mobile users instead of laptop users. A thing should be kept in mind that only having mobile websites is not enough in this tough competition of marketing app. To attract more guests some ideas are required. Home is the first thing for mobile website. In domain the hosting of your website is done separately. You can easily set a Google account which is analytical to check status of mobile website’s for visitors. Traffic check is important and it is the basic requirement as it provides monitoring system of traffic that is reliable. From mobile website into your mobile you have to be install auto redirect functionality.

This you can do from your desktop site. You can add face book and twitter links on your sites. Smart phones are the phones which generally do not provide time for loading sites. In this simply switching to another website is done which does not take more time for loading. To access immediately your mobile website the content and graphics should be less so that load will be reduced and you can easily see the mobile website within seconds. Bandwidth is the factor when it affect on user bandwidth cost. Two options are provided to create internet interface. First is mobile marketing app and second one is mobile website. Both options are different from each other.

To build your app of mobile is functionality which is made with the website which is used to give minor version of the website. This mobile application is little costly than mobile website. To build your app of mobile website designing should be user friendly. It should be like that the users love to experience it like they used to do on desktop websites. Build your app of mobile website should be simpler and the handling should be easier. There should be not more scrolling bars because it becomes complex to use it on mobile. So there should be flexibility in mobile website so that accessing it becomes easier for users who like to access internet on mobile. This technology is very attractive if it will be implied properly for users.

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